A harmonious motorhome from Bürstner

A harmonious motorhome from Bürstner – main image

Customers expect something special from top manufacturers of motorhomes and caravans. Bürstner clearly felt the pressure and decided to show that he can anticipate and respond to upcoming trends . It is a pity that the Harmony model is a concept model, so it is not possible to buy this motorhome at the moment.

Some sources claim that the launch of the Harmony model - premiered at the September fair in Düsseldorf - depends on customer feedback. If the motorhome is met with great interest, it will go into production. Other sources suggest, in turn, that in this form the vehicle will not be available for purchase, but the elements used in it can be used in new Bürstner models.

So how does the German manufacturer envision the near future?

Perfect in every way

First of all, we can see the growing importance of design , although this applies more to the interior than the exterior. Yes, Harmony also stands out on the outside, but this is mainly due to the use of unusual (for a motorhome), brown and white colors. Harmony in this case means, inter alia, the fact that similar colors were used inside. It was also ensured that all the elements of the equipment perfectly harmonized with each other.

White leather upholstery with elegant quilting , golden stitching and also embroidered in gold Harmony lettering, is just one of the portraits of luxury. The impression is completed by rounded high-gloss furniture, also in white, brown and gold colors. The patterned panels on the ceiling and parts of the walls attract attention.

All designer elements of the interior are highlighted with remotely controlled LED lighting that flashes from almost every nook and cranny of the motorhome. A rounded table or carpets on the floor - these are other elements that prove that the Harmony model has been thought out in every detail.

Surprisingly practical

Although it is true that you buy a motorhome with your eyes, our mind also needs a rational justification - at least an excuse for such a large expense. Fortunately, we will also find practical arguments.

In the case of Harmony, a solution to the issue of beds could encourage a purchase. The sofas in the seating area for the night can be unfolded (controlled electrically), transforming them into a large king-size bed . The second double bed is hidden in the ceiling . They are lowered over the king's bed, so that the sleeping space is "accumulated" in one part of the motorhome.

Among other novelties, we can appreciate the retractable drawers in the garage , which will allow you to carry various small items and convenient access to them through the outer door. From the details, we can also appreciate a special wall holder in which you can store capsules for the coffee machine (this is of course also included).

The motorhome has a bathroom with a shower and a kitchen area. The individual parts of the vehicle have been separated in such a way that in this case we can safely talk about an apartment with a separate living, kitchen and sleeping area . Bürstner even talks about a 3-room apartment on wheels.

It is worth adding that the concept of the Harmony model is based on the new Lyseo T model. However, in terms of interior design and the solutions described above, both models remain incomparable. Perhaps the new concepts will find application in the next edition of Lyseo, but more likely they will find their way into a completely new model, unveiled in fall 2017 at the earliest. For now, we can only wait.

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