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In the rich offer of the XMK series by Ilusion Caravaning, you can find really interesting solutions, and almost every model surprises with something else. Two versions are of particular interest - Ilusion XMK 650 and Ilusion XMK 730.

The Ilusion XMK series is made up of 11 cars. These are the models: 590, 650, 650 Plus, 660, 665, 670, 680, 690, 695, 730 and 740. Ilusion XMK 665 and 695 are new products. All models were produced on a Citroen chassis.

The series after the facelift

In 2018, the series received air conditioning as standard. The interiors are decorated in bright colors. We can choose from 3 options: white-oak, white-graphite or white-brown . The manufacturer decided to use 35% leather upholstery and the seats were equipped with high-quality Teflon pads.


The vehicles have a folding bed that allows to increase the number of places to sleep. The beds provide a high level of comfort thanks to flexible, foam mattresses . A new, very resistant and hygienic material called Krion is used in the bathroom, kitchen and table tops. Drawers and wall cabinets have the so-called soft closing.

The cars have LED interior and exterior lighting . We can use indirect lighting by regulating the light intensity. The car garages were also illuminated, in most models accessible from both sides. USB sockets are present in sufficient number and in suitable places of the work surfaces, toilet, living and sleeping areas.

Thanks to the material made of glass fibers (GRP) , from which even stairs and wheel arches are made, and thanks to the 70-millimeter-thick floor, campers are resistant even to harsh weather conditions, and are also suitable for winter use. The roof has a slope of seven degrees, which allows rainwater to drain freely.


S7 Seitz Dometic windows have an aluminum frame and double acrylic glazing. The blackout pleats also act as mosquito nets. The entrance door is equipped with an insulated glass window and practical pleats. Cars (except for 590 and 760 versions) can be used by a 5-person crew.

Something for everyone

It is worth noting that the smallest in the series - Ilusion XMK 590 has a 150-liter fridge with a separate freezer, which is not an option available in every motorhome of this line. The car is a 4-seater and there are also so many places to sleep.


The Ilusion XMK 650 has a kitchen with a slightly protruding, larger worktop, which provides a large work surface.


The back is interesting, or rather a U-shaped sofa. In its recess we find a table. This gives much more usable space for a day in a not so big car. At night, the couch turns into a bed. In addition, there is space for a wardrobe. The refrigerator is 100 liters, 150 liters are available in the Plus version. This is definitely my favorite model in this series.


On the other hand, the Ilusion XMK 660 has two separate beds at the back, but between them it is possible to unfold a third, narrower one.


Two double beds are available for the Ilusion XMK 670 . There are 4 places to sleep, but 5 for traveling. There is also a wardrobe.


The Ilusion XMK 680 deserves attention. This is where the L-shaped kitchen appears for the first time, a solution that is also used in many homes. In this layout, the kitchen is on the right and the bathroom is on the left, the refrigerator has a capacity of 150 liters. There is also a place for a large wardrobe.


The Ilusion XMK 690 model has two single beds in the rear with the option of folding a third between them. It is worth paying attention to the kitchen, which has a standard layout, but a larger area than in other models. There is a 150 liter fridge with a freezer compartment. The bathroom is also bigger.


The XMK 730 model is a model that definitely stands out from the entire series. Attention is drawn to the rear double bed, on the sides of which, like in a real bedroom, there are bedside tables. The rounded bed is easily accessible from both sides. Another variation is the separation of the shower and bathroom - a shower on the right, a bathroom on the left, as well as dividing the kitchen area. The fridge is next to the bathroom, and the rest of the L-shaped kitchen behind the shower cubicle. Next is the dining room. So we have separate zones here, just like in an apartment.


The next model, the Ilusion XMK 740 has yet another layout. At the back, there are two single beds with the possibility of creating a third between them. The shower is on the left side of the motorhome, the rest of the bathroom is on the right. Here, too, the refrigerator is separated from the rest of the kitchen, which is L-shaped. Next, the dining area. As in the 730 model, such a demarcation of zones allows for the creation of separate rooms, increasing the comfort of using the vehicle.


The largest XMK is called 760 . The most important difference is a 6-seater car. There is no double bed in the back, but we have two single beds - bunk , one above the other. Children will be the most satisfied with this solution. Both the size of the bathroom and the kitchen draw attention. Although there is no L-shaped setting, the size of the working line is impressive. The refrigerator has a capacity of 150 liters. The dining area can be unfolded, transforming into a sleeping place. There is also a bed upstairs. Two bunk beds are placed at the rear of the vehicle.


We still have news! The 665 model is distinguished by a transverse double bed at the rear. The motorhome also has a large fridge. The vehicle provides accommodation for four people.


The 695 variant, on the other hand, also has a double bed at the rear, but in this case it has been positioned along the axis of the vehicle. Here you will also find a tower refrigerator and a shower cubicle integrated with the toilet.


Good design, lots of choice

To sum up, the Ilusion XMK series offers a really large number of models to choose from, with various interior layouts and, of course, of different sizes, each of which, depending on the needs, will find something for themselves.

Regardless of which variant you like, you can ask about each of them at the dealer - Camper Planet .

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