Frankia NEO MT 7 BD - luxury in the class up to 3.5 tons

Frankia NEO MT 7 BD - luxury in the class up to 3.5 tons – main image

For a long time, the Frankia brand remained indifferent to the dynamic development of the market for vehicles up to 3.5 tons (especially the semi-integrated ones), and chose the segment of luxury, mid-size integrated cruisers in the 4.5-5.5 ton class as its element.

With the presentation of the NEO model two years ago, it became clear that the management of the Pilote group saw the need for the presence of the German brand also in the "toddlers" segment. From the perspective of 2 years, the model is defending bravely on the German market and there is no indication that this will change.

Compact dimensions, spacious living room


The currently presented MT 7 BD model leaves no compromises in terms of functionality and comfort - thanks to the transverse arrangement of the bed at the back on a modest length of 682 cm, it was possible to conjure up a large living room with an L-shaped sofa (for comparison, the NEO model with long beds at the back measures 699 cm).

It is a dream motorhome for two, based on the newest Mercedes Benz Sprinter with front-wheel drive. The total height is 290 cm and the width is 224 cm. Inside, even taller people can move freely - it measures 200 cm from the floor to the ceiling. 4 people can travel in a motorhome, a place to sleep is provided for 2 people (an option is a single bed in the front).

DMC just in time for two


The weight of the road ready vehicle in accordance with the regulations (EU Directive 1230/2012) remains below the limit of 3 tons (according to the manufacturer's data, 2,976 kg), which means a load capacity of 500 kg. Even taking into account the additional equipment (awning, air conditioning), a traveling couple will fit here equipment for a longer trip.

The low tare weight of the vehicle is due to light materials in the walls and body, as well as a dedicated frame of the AL-KO brand . This chassis has a double floor with a height of 20-40 cm, which allows you to carry even longer items using almost the entire width of the vehicle. We can also find a lot of space in the garage - its height is up to 120 cm.

If the standard tonnage is not enough and we would like to take heavier equipment or more luggage, it is always possible to order a version with a GVM of 4.5 tons. The garage access system through the huge flaps on the rear and side of the Frankia Easy Load System is an ingenious solution that makes life easier. In addition, loading is facilitated by the low bumper at the rear.

Brilliant bathroom and self-sufficiency


The kitchen located to the left of the entrance is equipped with a two-burner stove, a refrigerator with a capacity of 84 liters and a large sink with a cover. The living room, thanks to the L-shaped sofa, the side seat and the driver's and passenger's air seats, offers space for 5 people at the table. The bathroom is ergonomically arranged - the toilet is pull-out and the washbasin is foldable. This gives a huge amount of space for a shower cabin . This solution is convenient and allows you to maintain order. Frankia takes 125l of clean water on board, and the gray water tank is 100l. The standard battery in the living area has a capacity of 80 Ah. All electronics and the charging system come from the renowned Büttner brand - which is what the manufacturer has been known for for a long time.

The quality of the construction and the tightness of the structure are additional advantages that distinguish Frankia from the competition - each Frankia is ready for winter trips in extreme conditions. When considering the purchase of Frankia NEO, it is definitely worth considering the BLACK LINE version, which has a number of additional equipment (among many it is worth mentioning, for example, driver assistance systems, a light LifePO4 battery with a capacity of 105 Ah, a media station MBUX 10.25 inches, a fuel tank with a capacity of 92 l, effective LED lighting, design package with 16-inch alloy wheels). The difference in the base price is only 10 thousand. EUR (prices in Germany), but it is definitely worth choosing this "upgrade".




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Frankia NEO MT 7 BD - luxury in the class up to 3.5 tons – image 1
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