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The Limited T series of the German brand Bürstner is a new proposal for 2022. A total of 4 interior layouts designed for 2-5 people based on the Citroen Jumper offer a number of proven solutions in an attractive package and are definitely an interesting proposition for both couples and families.

The range includes motorhomes with a length of 695 cm to 742 cm (total height 295 cm), all with a permissible total weight of 3,500 kg. From the outside, the series of these vehicles attracts attention - the contrasting graphite cabin with the "Limited" logo on the hood, a muscular grill, daytime running lights in LED technology, 16-inch alloy wheels are the first heralds of uniqueness.

A "cap" above the cab has been integrated into the body of the body very nicely, with a standard large roof window illuminating the interior. A wide entrance door with a window, beautiful decals and an integrated anthracite awning (with LED lighting!) Additionally contribute to an attractive appearance.

Limited = prestige within


As for "extraordinary" models, the equipment is truly royal. The chauffeur pampers us with luxury. There are chrome decorations around the meters, a passenger airbag, a leather steering wheel (multi-functional) and a leather gearshift bellows, air conditioning , electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors. The standard equipment also includes cruise control and an intelligent traction control system. Comfortable, swivel, aviation seats are of course covered with the same special Harmony Line upholstery as the rest of the seats in the living room.


A characteristic feature of the Bürstner special editions is the sophisticated interior lighting. Indirect lighting in the kitchen and in the living room, countertop and drawer illumination or wall illumination at the rear of the vehicle - all in LED standard, non-obtrusive and with a pleasant light color.

Each of the four interior variants has a standard sleeping place for 2 people (there are 4 or 5 seats depending on the version). Optionally, the building can be equipped with an electrically lowered bed above the living room.


The shortest model in the 660 series has a French bed on the right at the rear of the vehicle, and right next to it is a corner VARIO bathroom with a folding sink, toilet and shower cubicle. Models 690, 726 and 727 are all equipped with longitudinally positioned single beds, which can be accessed by climbing stairs. With this arrangement, the user gains the possibility of using garages located under the bedrooms, to which access is possible thanks to side service hatches. Under the beds there is space for wardrobes for luggage and clothes on hangers. They are easily accessible from inside the vehicle.

The Truma Combi 6 system is responsible for the heating. We will take 125 liters of clean water on board, and the gray water tank can hold 90 liters. The inside height is 212 cm, which will ensure comfort for even taller people. It is worth emphasizing the fact that we will not find the step between the living space and the cab, which is characteristic of many motorhomes based on Fiat / Citroen. The floor inside is even along the entire length of the vehicle.


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The Limited series is, as the name suggests, not just any motorhome. The standard equipment package is impressive, and the fresh design and refined details are eye-catching. Among the optional equipment elements that should be considered when ordering a vehicle, it is worth mentioning a heated gray water tank (useful in winter) and a strengthened engine (140 instead of 120 HP).

Besides, buyers of LIMITED motorhomes should not complain about the lack of equipment. The above-mentioned elements certainly include a TV holder, additional external sockets (230, 12V, TV) and practical REMIS cab curtains. The list of possible additions is therefore not long, and the car can go on the road almost immediately after delivery, providing new owners with undisturbed fun.

The representative of the Bürstner brand and the official service partner in Poland is Bürstner Polska with its seat in Poznań. The dealer's currently available cars can be found here:
https://www.buerstner.pl/ Sprzedaż-kamperow-i-przyszne-kawodowych/

Authorized partners of Bürstner - both in terms of vehicle distribution and technical service, are also the Elcamp Group - www.elcamp.pl and the Warsaw Caravanning Center - www.wcc.pl/

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