Operation of the heating panel in the motorhome

Operation of the heating panel in the motorhome – main image

Many people expect a motorhome to be air-conditioned. What about efficient heating? It will depend on the heating system whether we will be able to travel at any time of the year.

Spring or early autumn is a dream time for many people to travel, but remember that mornings and evenings can be very cold then. The modern heating system means that you just need to turn the knob on the control panel to enjoy the warmth of the "home hearth";).

Types of heating

The most famous type of heating is the parking heater . The parking heater consists of a heater that works independently of the engine. Fuel is taken directly from the vehicle's tank. The main advantage of such a heating system is low fuel consumption.


If you plan to go skiing, for example, you should consider installing a gas heater . A gas cylinder is required to power it. In the residential part of the motorhome, a stove, ventilation and exhaust pipes and a controller are then installed.


Proper ventilation is extremely important in this case, because toxic products of combustion, especially carbon monoxide, are a real threat to the life and health of travelers. That is why it is worth equipping the motorhome with a carbon monoxide detector and a gas leak detector. Gas heating is so much better than a parking heater because it does not excessively dry the air inside the car, and the gas stove works quietly.


In the off-season, electric heating can also provide heat in the motorhome. The simplest solution of this type will be to buy a farelka. A popular device will quickly heat up the living area of a motorhome, but its operation, especially on very cold days, will be expensive.


A more modern option is infrared electric heating . It consists of infrared heaters (sometimes also panels and photovoltaic foils). If the radiator or infrared panel is installed in the motorhome, it is connected to the 230V electrical network.

Infrared heaters only heat objects and people, just like the sun's rays. Infrared heaters also take up very little space, which is a big plus in the limited space in the motorhome.

Hot water in the motorhome is provided by a heating unit and a hot water boiler. The water temperature is set independently of the air temperature.

How to turn on the heating in the car?

First of all, turn on the control panel. Press the button to select the temperature adjustment option. You will then see a pictogram of a car with a thermometer on the screen. By turning the knob (or clicking the appropriate buttons), set the desired temperature, e.g. 20 degrees C.

Press the button again. The wave and temperature pictogram informs about the possibility of setting the water temperature in the boiler. Choose one of the options and you're done!

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