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The motorhome industry is coping quite well with the current restrictions related to the pandemic and looks to the future with hope. Rapido has just announced three new C series models, which it intends to introduce in 2021.

These cars will be available for viewing by a wider audience at the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, which officially begins on September 5.

The new C series

As part of the C series, Rapido introduced 3 new models: C55, C56 and C86. All models built on the Fiat chassis are 2.17 meters wide and have a slightly curved panoramic sunroof with a UV coating, which gives a sense of space and makes the house on wheels more spacious. In addition, an electric roller shutter and heating are included. The height of the cars is 2.75, and there will be 3 lengths to choose from: from 5.99 m to 6.99 m, so everyone will find something for themselves.

Model C-55

It is a medium-sized motorhome with a length of 6.72 m. Perfect for a couple or a family with 1 child. The motorhome can accommodate 4 people, 3 can sleep in it (or 4 if we are going with small children) and. The dining room can accommodate 5 revelers. At the back there are 2 single beds with dimensions of 80 x 199 cm. The footrests have smart wardrobes that will accommodate, for example, a wardrobe, and the sliding door will separate the sleeping area from the rest of the vehicle.


On the left side you will find a bathroom with a shower and a toilet. It is worth paying attention to the Duo Space solution. Thanks to the rotating partition, we will not splash the toilet while showering. In the kitchen you will find a 90 liter fridge and a 2-burner hob. Next we have the living area which turns into a bed measuring 80 x 185 cm at night.

Model C56

This is the most compact model in the series - it is only 5.99 meters long. It will take 4 passengers on board, 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children (small) can sleep in it. There is a corner double bed with dimensions of 133 x 204 cm. There is one wardrobe in the base of the bed.


On the right side of the bedroom there is a bathroom, then a kitchen which, in addition to the functions mentioned in the Rapido C55 model, has three storage drawers and a sliding wire basket. The dining area is, of course, a bedroom at night. By folding the sofa and table, we get a comfortable bed.

Model C86

It is the largest model in the C series. It is almost 7 meters long (6.99 meters). It can be used by 4 passengers, although it will sleep 3. 4 people will comfortably sit down to eat. The front bed is intended rather for one person. Noteworthy is the rear queen bed with dimensions of 140 x 196 cm with a detachable extension of the headrest 10 cm long. On the sides you will find spacious wardrobes. There is a bathroom adjacent to the bedroom, which can be separated by a door, and the entire sleeping area (including the bathroom) will be separated from the rest of the motorhome with one more door. The shower is of course a separate room on the opposite side of the toilet, so the bath room is really big. There is a 133 liter fridge in the kitchen. Who is looking for space and comfort should definitely consider Rapido C86.


The standard equipment of all models also includes a folding table in the dining room, an electric access step and the COMBI D CP PLUS drive

All C series models will be available to you in Dusseldorf, and if you are interested in this comfortable offer, visit the official Rapido dealer in Poland - the M-Camp company from Dzierżoniów. You can find out about all the details of the motorhomes described there.

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