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If we have already mastered the maneuvers of the motorhome, the operation of individual devices and the rules of behavior at the campsite, we feel quite confident before traveling to another place. And then it turns out that, for example, we move with an unsecured gas cylinder ...

In order to avoid such surprises, it is worth having a checklist at hand, thanks to which we will not forget about anything important.

Checklist - why create it?

Checklist - or, speaking Polish, a checklist - is a list prepared for the purpose of completing tasks or subsequent stages. The point is not to omit any important stage of the procedure. Such a list helps to determine the correct sequence of work and to establish a list of activities that should be performed in order to check whether everything has been done correctly. Such lists are used by pilots, flight attendants, astronauts, doctors, nurses and manufacturing plants. Why? Because they work!


It would seem that if we perform a given activity every day, or even several times a day, then after a few repetitions we act almost automatically and the risk of error practically does not occur. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as routine lulls your vigilance. Thanks to the list of tasks, the risk of error is very small - therefore it should be used by both experienced and beginners.

What to check?

Lots of articles have been written about what to take with you on a short or long journey. As for personal items such as cosmetics, clothes, food, it all depends on individual preferences. Only one tip can be given - don't overdo it. Whether in Poland or in Europe, stores are available and there is no risk of overloading the car. In the absence of clean clothes, it is easy to wash, it will certainly dry quickly in the sun. One thing that is really worth paying attention to is taking documents (including insurance) and their photocopies with you, as well as credit and payment cards, etc.


When we rent a motorhome, e.g. in a CarGO rental, we can be calm about the equipment. We have provided all the necessary elements, including a table and deckchairs or chairs. Our head does not have to hurt about pots, cutlery, etc.


It is important to pay attention to the following activities that are most important for the comfort and safety of traveling.

  1. Screw the gas bottles off and check their fastening straps . It is very important. There is no need to convince anyone about the great danger of an unsealed cylinder. An unsecured cylinder also poses a very serious threat, so we place these two activities at the very top of our checklist.
  2. Close all luggage compartments well . Driving with open lockers causes the risk of destruction of their contents. Both falling products and torn off elements of the vehicle's equipment can cause harm to other road users.
  3. Disconnect external power . No kidding with the flow. Pulling the plug from the power source is the least severe punishment for a moment of inattention.
  4. Fully turn the awning . Too often one sees vehicles which, to the delight of the unaware driver, leave with the "visor raised". The consequences can be serious and costly.

5. Close the side and sunroof windows. Air conditioning is used to regulate the temperature.

  1. Close the motorhome door . Once you have checked that you have taken everything from the campsite and that you have tidied up the car from the outside, do not forget to close the door properly.
  2. Secure items and close cabinets . Loosely left things are not only noise while driving. This is also a real danger when braking. Even at low speed, a water bottle can turn into a projectile that threatens the health and even life of passengers.
  3. Take off the sheets and hide the beds that are not permanently folded up. The bed is not equipped with seat belts and nobody is allowed to stay on it while driving. In addition, the bed mounted under the ceiling is lowered on special straps, so it is not permanently attached to the vehicle. It should be closed and locked while driving.
  4. Secure the shower door . A special hook or buckle is used for this. Also hide bath cosmetics. Otherwise, damage to the door is guaranteed.
  5. Fasten your seat belts!

And once again - this time in a nutshell - a checklist to be ticked before each departure, and a video prepared for you by the CarGO company.


Pre-travel checklist:

- turn off gas cylinders

- check the straps securing the cylinders

- properly close all luggage compartments

- disconnect external power

- fully turn the awning

- close the side and roof windows

- close the motorhome door

- secure items and close cabinets

- take the sheets off and hide the bed

- secure the shower door

- fasten your seat belts

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