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Do you have a plot, no home? Do you want a home, but you don't know where yet? Do you need a mobile office? Do you want to equip a campsite or accommodate employees? Mobile homes are a solution for you!


Mobile homes are not only an alternative to summer houses. Thanks to the modern technology used in the construction of these facilities, they can successfully act as an office or even an all-year-round house.

Not only for the plot

The houses on wheels offered by DMK Budownictwo combine comfort and functionality with mobility. They can be freely moved and transported from place to place. However, please note that the house is not a caravan - it is not subject to registration and cannot move along the road like other vehicles.


The mobility of the house is one thing, another advantage is the fact that we do not have to be the owners of the land on which we erect it , or have land for construction purposes, because the structure is not permanently connected to the ground. A lease agreement is enough.


It is enough for us to notify the Poviat Starosty and if we do not receive an objection after a certain number of days, we can confidently erect such a house in the place indicated in the application. However, the regulations in individual municipalities differ from each other and you should always find out what the procedure is where you intend to put such a house .

Construction of a mobile home

The structure of the house is based on a steel and wooden frame to which wheels are attached. The houses can be equipped with all necessary appliances (fridge, electric cooker, dishwasher) and installations: electric and plumbing . Connecting them, of course, requires the signing of appropriate contracts with electricity or water suppliers.


The walls are built in a skeleton technology based on steel and wooden elements . Insulation is provided by mineral wool. From the outside, the houses are covered with a tongue and groove board, siding or Kerrafront paneling. The interior of the mobile home is finished with PVC panels or wood, depending on the client's expectations.


The arrangement and division of rooms obviously depends on the size of the house. DMK Budownictwo offers houses with an area of 24.5 m² to 48 m² , offering also the possibility of making individual, "tailor-made" projects.


As standard, the houses have a living area with a kitchenette, one or two bedrooms and a bathroom. The manufacturer provides the possibility of fully equipping the house, as well as adding a terrace with dimensions selected by the customer.

You can choose the color

Each house is manufactured on an individual order. Both the external and internal appearance of the house depends on your preferences, which means that you can independently design your dream house on wheels, modifying both the arrangement of rooms, their number, the color of the house interior and its facade, as well as individual elements of equipment.


The price is of course influenced by the size and finishing of the internal and external parts. The cheapest solution will be to cover the facade with siding. More expensive - finishing with boards or Kerrafront panel . The equipment is also important. Depending on whether we decide on a basic version or a fully equipped version, with kitchen, bathroom and furniture devices, the price will vary.


In order to see the houses, DMK Budownictwo invites you to the exhibition square located in the town of Markowszczyzna 80, in the Podlaskie Voivodeship, near Białystok.

Who cannot go to the seat, can see the houses on the company's website or go for a virtual walk . Before the upcoming holidays, such a house is certainly an offer worth considering.

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