Italy is waiting for tourists from June 3!

Italy is waiting for tourists from June 3! – main image

From Monday, May 18, Italy is back to normal, of course keeping masks, gloves and a safe distance from other people.

From the beginning of the week, all bars, restaurants, shops and beauty salons may be open. Museums are resuming their work. You can leave the house without restrictions, meet family and friends, and even attend mass.

Regional authorities decide

The scope of the freedoms is decided by the authorities of individual regions, depending on the epidemiological situation. It's not bad in Veneto, where tourist facilities, swimming pools, gyms and beaches have been allowed to resume operations. Service and trade companies will also return to work. Liguria has joined Venice and Sardinia has allowed the use of all beaches. Even in Lombardy, which is most attacked by COVID-19, you can use restaurants, but guests are to have the temperature measured before entering.


In Rome, we will visit the Capitol and the Borghese Gallery. However, another problem arises. The owners of premises in the center of Venice or Florence do not want to open their premises because they say that the costs of sanitary measures they would have to take to counter the epidemic would exceed the income they would receive from running the premises. They explain that at this time of the year their main customers are tourists, and these cannot be expected, and if anything, their number will be significantly limited.

There are chances to spend your vacation in Italy

Italy is ready to welcome tourists from June 3, the head of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Luigi Di Maio announced on Monday. - It will be possible to travel between regions and we are ready to accept safely European citizens who want to spend their holidays in Italy - said the minister.


Even predictions have been made as to when the epidemic will end in individual regions. One of the institutions operating at the Catholic University of Rome says the provinces of Bolzano and Trento will be defeated the earliest of the coronavirus. From around May 21, there will be no new infections at all in Calabria, Umbria, Sardinia and Basilicata, and after June 17 also in Lazio, Emilia-Romagna, Marche, Liguria and Piedmont. At the latest, the situation will recover in the most-attacked Lombardy - only by mid-August there will be no new cases - or so says the health observatory in Italian regions. The only question is to open the borders of the rest of the EU so that tourists from other European countries can travel to Italy. However, each country decides about it on its own.

Source: PAP

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