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Veneto, from Italian - Veneto, is a region located in the northeastern part of the country. It borders Austria to the north, Friuli Venezia Giulia to the east, Emilia Romagna to the south, and Trentino-Alto Adige and Lombardy to the west. In terms of size, 18,500 km2, it is the eighth region of Italy. The subcontinental climate and access to both the sea and the mountains mean that tourists can visit it freely all year round - for sunbathing or skiing.

The most important places

Without a doubt, the most popular destination in the region is Venice , the city of canals, which is entirely based on water transport, including the famous vaporetto and pedestrian trams. This important tourist center attracts visitors mainly due to the world-famous Venetian carnival and its characteristic masks. There are also numerous monuments on site, including the Basilica and St. Mark's Square, Rialto Bridge and Clock Tower. The crowning achievement of your stay is a gondola ride on the Grand Canal. The next stop on your Veneto tour may be Padua - one of the oldest Italian cities, worth seeing one of the largest churches in the world, the Basilica of St. Anthony and the largest square in Europe - Prato della Valle. During a visit to the city, it is also worth reaching the Palace del Bo and the University Botanical Garden. It is worth enriching the trip plan by visiting Verona , made famous by Shakespeare with the work "Romeo and Juliet". There, crowds of tourists have the opportunity to go on a trip along the trail of unhappy lovers. Nature lovers, in turn, will rest on Lake Garda , which enjoys the title of the cleanest body of water in the country. There are small towns and numerous resorts around the lake.

Characteristic dishes

The proximity of the sea makes the region's cuisine dominated by fish and seafood. In many restaurants, mixes of fried shrimps and fish, salted cod and roasted fish, previously poured with milk and marinated in a mass of onions, anchovies, parsley, Parmesan and garlic. The main delicacies are also risotto nero, crabs and scampi - langoustines. Further away from the coast, horse and venison are eaten, and the cold cuts are the air-dried prosciutto del Veneto. Carpaccio prepared from raw beef also comes from the region. Dried porcini mushrooms are also popular. The hallmark of food in Veneto is red lettuce - redicchio with a typical bitter taste. Every year, a festival dedicated to it is held in Treviso. In turn, asparagus festivals are organized throughout the region. Fans of sweets will certainly not be disappointed with a visit to the region where the most famous Italian dessert comes - tiramisu. The regional sparkling prosecco and grappa are served with main courses and desserts. Be sure to bring them with you from your vacation in Italy .

Campsites in Veneto

People who choose to camp in Italy can stay right on the shores of the aforementioned Lake Garda. Located above it, Piana di Clodia is the best place in the region, combining a natural setting, conditions conducive to relaxation and attractions that are waiting for fun-loving tourists. As the owners of the facility emphasize - both adults and younger guests will feel at home there. The campground offers an outdoor swimming pool, air-conditioned bungalows with patios and a gym. There is also a tennis court and two restaurants serving the flagship dishes of the Veneto region. Bicycle rental is also available. Not far, only 3 km, is from here to an interesting town, Lazise, which you will be able to visit during your stay.

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Ania Halagarda

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