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Corsica - holidays on the Island of Beauty

Corsica is a real pearl of the French Mediterranean. Called the Island of Beauty (Île de Beauté), it also delights with its natural landscapes and surprises with its wild, inaccessible nature, so different from the well-known Greek or Croatian islands. Breathtaking travelers visiting the region are taken away by charming capes, beautiful beaches, magnificent mountains, nature reserves and picturesque cities, towns and villages where it is worth getting lost during a camper trip. Note - while admiring the island, watch out for cows, sheep and goats lying on the roads. And of course, get acquainted with the history of the island related to Napoleon and the corsairs, as well as try the best Corsican cuisine.

Slovenia - a small country for a great rest – image 1
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Slovenia - a small country for a great rest

Slovenia, despite its small size, which makes it difficult to locate it on the map at first glance, has many attractions. In terms of their diversity, it can boldly compete with its larger neighbors, and in a few years it will become one of the top holiday destinations. Today we will take a closer look at the famous Slovenian thermal baths, which are just over 500 km from the Polish border, and local specialties that will add flavor to any trip. In short - we prove that small is beautiful and delicious!.

Western Hungary - a recipe for a successful holiday – image 1
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Western Hungary - a recipe for a successful holiday

As the well-known proverb says - "Pole, Hungarian, two nephews!". A remote country in Central Europe has always been close to us, which is reflected in the large number of tourists who travel to Hungary to this day. They most often choose Budapest, the capital of the country, as their destination. Meanwhile, Hungary, located a few hours away from the Polish border, has much more to offer. This time we will take you to the west of the country and present the greatest attractions of the region, including culinary ones!.

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Croatia - crowded south or quiet north?

For several years, Croatia has been very popular among tourists, including Polish tourists. No wonder - we will reach this interesting country in just 12 hours, and we can count on affordable prices - both for accommodation, meals and attractions. We do not need to mention such obvious values as guaranteed weather, crystal clear water, eye-catching landscapes and historic climatic cities located along the coast. The problem, however, arises when making decisions about the region to stay in Croatia. Go further, to the popular south or start your adventure with the country from its northern part full of lazy towns?.

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Andalusia - the solar gate of Europe

Much has been said and written about Andalusia - that it is a bridge between continents, a mosaic of cultures and the California of Europe. What is certain is that this is one of the more exotic and diverse areas of the old continent. This is where the great expedition of Christopher Columbus also began. Today we will take you on a journey through this amazing land. We invite you to read a practical guide to Andalusia!. It is worth starting your sightseeing in Andalusia in Cordoba, a former Muslim power. The greatest monuments of those times is the mosque - Mezquita, which was later rebuilt into a cathedral with nearly 800 columns. In the city you will also find the well-preserved arch bridge Ponte Romano and the famous Alcazar, a system of fortifications in which inquisition processes have been carried out for years. Seville is a modern metropolis worth stopping by for more than a day. Visitors can visit the Giralda belfry and the mighty cathedral with the statue of Christopher Columbus. Other notable attractions are the Museum of Fine Arts, the Royal Palace, Pilate's House, the Santa Cruz district and Plaza Espana. One of the most beautiful parts of the southern coast of Spain is Cabo de Gatta. However, we will not find kilometers of resorts in it, and raw cliffs creating stunning views that have become the set of many films. One of the most important points on the map of Andalusia is Cadiz, founded over 3000 years ago by the Phoenicians. The towers of the Church of Santa Cruz and the nearby cathedral dominate the city. Mina Square and the Cadiz Museum located on it are a must-see. Pueblos Blancos, or "white towns", is a group of several towns, including Olvera, Grazelma, Ubrique and Arcas de la Frontera.

Krk - in a motorhome around the golden island – image 1
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Krk - in a motorhome around the golden island

Croatia is one of the most popular places Poles choose as their holiday destination. A country famous for its countless beaches with clear waters, majestic mountains and hills, architecturally interesting cities and delicious cuisine, it will meet the requirements of even the most demanding travelers. Most importantly, Croatia can be easily and pleasantly reached by motorhome. There are countless places waiting for you to spend an unforgettable holiday. Today we present to you the paradise island of Krk situated in the Kvarner Bay, called the "golden island" because of the color of the sand on the beaches. You will get on it via a bridge that connects it with the mainland.

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In a camper on the Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol - the sunny coast, is one of the most popular tourist centers in Spain. Located in the south, in the region of Andalusia, it stretches almost 300 km along the Mediterranean Sea from Gibraltar to Cape Cabo de Gata. For those traveling with a camper in search of sun, pleasant holiday resorts with excellent infrastructure and long and varied beaches - rocky and sandy await. There is no shortage of attractions for lovers of monuments who will be enchanted in Andalusia by the multicultural heritage with visible Arab influences. We highly recommend it!.

Istria - idyll at your fingertips – image 1
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Istria - idyll at your fingertips

Croatia has been tempting and captivating with conditions conducive to relaxation for years - beautiful beaches, warm waters of the Adriatic Sea, cities filled with monuments, proximity to stunning nature and the possibility of active recreation. Idyllic holidays are almost at your fingertips, in Istria, 12 hours away from Poland. The country located in the north of the country will appeal to fans of caravanning with family and friends. Find out why below. Croatia, or rather the Republic of Croatia, is a country located in central Europe on the Adriatic Sea. It borders Slovenia to the west, Hungary to the north, Serbia to the north-east and Montenegro to the south-east. In the middle of the country, in its eastern part, there is also a short border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Croatia is inhabited by around 4.5 million people and covers an area of 56 535 km2. The capital city is Zagreb and the official currency is the Croatian Kuna. The length of the coast, including the islands, is an impressive 5,835 km. It is worth knowing that the topography differs in the north from the south. The north is a lowland area with low mountains, while in the south you will meet mountains up to 2000 m above sea level. The highest peak in the country is Dinara, 1831 m above sea level. Interestingly, Croatia has a two-fold climate - on the coast it is a Mediterranean climate zone, with rainy winter and dry hot summers, and in the rest, temperate continental - with cooler summers and dry cold winters with possible snowfall.

Istria - successful meeting with Croatia – image 1
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Istria - successful meeting with Croatia

Are you planning your holidays this year? Are you looking for a place that you can easily get to with a camper and where you will enjoy traveling in it? For a holiday with family or friends, we highly recommend the north of Croatia. In the Istrian region, where the sun almost never leaves the sky, you will be delighted by amazing bays, atmospheric towns with a long list of monuments and even longer... beaches! In addition, we have a well-developed tourist offer, among which we have selected a perfectly located and fully equipped campsite for you.

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La Spezia - a special holiday in Italy

Tourists who choose to explore the stunning Ligurian coast usually choose Genoa, Lavento or La Spezia as their starting point, which we will take a closer look at today. As the second largest city in the region, it boasts excellent communication with the greatest attractions of Liguria. It also has a lot to offer its visitors. What to see during your stay in the city and the surrounding area? What dishes to order in a restaurant to taste real Ligurian cuisine? We invite you to read!. La Spezia is a typical port city, inhabited by less than 100,000 people. Life in it revolves around atmospheric taverns and pubs near the marina and seaside promenades, such as Banchina Thaon di Revel, where tourists walk, visiting fashionable boutiques and shops. La Spezia, although mainly known as an important railway junction, boasts a well-preserved old town. The historic center of the city stretches from the port to the main station, between which you can admire well-kept tenement houses and squares. The rich history of the city is worth discovering in baroque churches and medieval castles. If you get tired of the crowds and noise of the bustling city, you can start your journey around Liguria and its attractions from there. The most popular among them is undoubtedly the Cinque Terre, an extremely picturesque complex of five small towns, located on the hills flowing into the Ligurian Sea. A camping holiday in Italy will therefore be a great opportunity to see Monterosso, Vernazza, Riomaggiore, Corniglia and Manarola, all connected by a narrow scenic road. The nearby Portonovere, considered one of the most beautiful places on the west coast, deserves the attention of travelers. It is worth taking a walk around Piazza Della Marina, seeing the castle on a cliff overlooking the city and wandering among the streets lined with colorful tenement houses. At the end, it is worth leaving a visit to the small, but very luxurious Portofino, which is especially loved by movie stars and businessmen.

Venice - carnival, gondolier races and ... sunbathing! – image 1
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Venice - carnival, gondolier races and ... sunbathing!

You can write a lot about Venice, the capital of the Veneto region. For example, it is one of the most beautiful, romantic and most visited places in Europe. There are also cyclical events in the city, attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world to Italy. Although not all of them take place in high season, it is worth taking them into account when planning your dream vacation in Italy. After a lot of experience, we recommend you rest on one of the beaches of the region - there are plenty of them!.

Verona - a journey to the city of love – image 1
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Verona - a journey to the city of love

Verona is one of the most important cities in northeastern Italy. Located on the Adyga River, at the foot of the Venetian Alps, it is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. In the past, due to the prevalence of building material, Verona was called the "marble city". Today it is associated with the title of "city of love". All thanks to the work of Shakespeare, who set the plot of the drama "Romeo and Juliet" in Verona. What to see in a one-day visit to the city? What regional dishes to try? Check out our practical guide to the charming city of Veneto!.