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Tourists who choose to explore the stunning Ligurian coast usually choose Genoa, Lavento or La Spezia as their starting point, which we will take a closer look at today. As the second largest city in the region, it boasts excellent communication with the greatest attractions of Liguria. It also has a lot to offer to visiting travelers. What to see during your stay in the city and its surroundings? What dishes to order in a restaurant to taste the real Ligurian cuisine? We invite you to read!

Attractions in the city and the surrounding area

La Spezia is a typical port city, inhabited by less than 100,000 people. Life in it revolves around atmospheric taverns and pubs near the marina and seaside promenades, such as Banchina Thaon di Revel, where tourists walk, while visiting fashionable boutiques and shops. La Spezia, although mainly known as an important railway junction, boasts a well-preserved old town. The historic city center stretches from the port to the main station, between which you can admire well-kept houses and squares. Discover the city's rich history in its baroque churches and medieval castles. If you get tired of the crowds and noise of a bustling city, you can start your journey around Liguria and its attractions. The most popular among them is undoubtedly the Cinque Terre, an extremely picturesque complex of five small towns situated on the hills flowing into the Ligurian Sea. A holiday in Italy will therefore be a great opportunity to see Monterosso, Vernazza, Riomaggiore, Corniglia and Manarola, connected by a narrow spectacular road. The nearby Portonovere, considered to be one of the most beautiful places on the west coast, deserves the attention of travelers. It is worth strolling around Piazza Della Marina, seeing the castle on the cliff towering over the city and wandering among the streets with colorful houses. Finally, it is worth not to visit the small, but very luxurious Portofino, which is especially loved by movie stars and businessmen.

Liguria - what is it connected with?

Ligurian cuisine, although still insufficiently appreciated, impresses with the simplicity of flavors and the quality of the products used. It is often called the kitchen of "returns", due to the fact that many of the flagship dishes were prepared in the past by wives, hoping for a happy return home of their fishermen. It is not surprising that the gifts of the sea are often used, especially tuna, mackerel and sardines. The popular fish soup, burrida, is made from fresh fish. Not everyone knows that it was in Liguria that the tradition of baking foccacia was born, which is a kind of flat cake with the addition of olive oil and sea salt. Usually eaten for breakfast, it is often in the classic version, although the variations with onions, sage or hot cheese are equally delicious. Food in Liguria , especially pasta, would not be complete without an addition from the pesto region. It is made of fresh basil, olive oil, garlic, pine nuts and cheese. The culinary curiosity of the region are undoubtedly spicy cakes stuffed with vegetables, cheese, mushrooms and herbs, and pizza all`Andrea, known only in Liguria, with anchovies, onions and spicy spices. All these dishes are worth tasting during your holiday in Italy .

Camping in La Spezia

Campsites in Liguria pride themselves on being the best in the country. We are all the more pleased to recommend the unique River Village Camping , located in Amegla near Cinque Terre and with convenient access to charming Tuscany. You will spend your dream vacation in Italy - in a tent, in a camper or bungalows. Situated on the banks of the River Magra, in the heart of the Montemarcello Reserve, the property offers two outdoor pools, a grocery store, café, restaurant and access to a private riverside beach. Recreational facilities allow you to use the sports field and gym, and an equipped playground is prepared for children. There is also a bicycle and water sports equipment rental. A comprehensive offer will satisfy even the most demanding travelers.

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