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The most famous Scottish Shepherd in the world, Lassie, traveled hundreds of kilometers longing for his beloved master. Nowadays, collies travel the world together with their owners and a camper. And this is certainly what the shaggy family of a family passionate about traveling - the Wyrzykowskis - do.

Rude Dragons on the trail

They can undoubtedly be called unusual tourists, because it's not every day you have the opportunity to meet a family traveling in a camper with three dogs - and that's exactly how the Wyrzykowskis spent their holidays in Italy last year. They knew from the very beginning that boring accommodation in hotels was not for them, nor was visiting new places according to the principle of ticking off points described in guidebooks. After long considerations, they decided to buy a 6-person camper. From then on, they could travel completely spontaneously and not be afraid of restrictions.

And it must be admitted that traveling is the passion of the whole family: Anna, Wojciech and Mikołaj, not to mention the lively herd of long-haired collies. The Wyrzykowskis breed Scottish Shepherds and they couldn't imagine not having their dogs during family trips. This is one of the reasons why they decided to buy a worn-out camper. His age was not without significance - he was born in 1995, and in the same year Anna and Wojtek met in Italy. The destination of the first trip was equally sentimental, which was, of course, Italy. It took them 15 days to walk among vine fields and visit Italian cities, during which they traveled 5,384 km.

During the first few months of using the camper, the whole family visited Italy and the south of Poland. She met, among others, attractions of Kielce, Chęciny and atmospheric monuments such as Krzyżtopór Castle. This year, the planned trip will be much longer (it will last several months), and the Wyrzykowskis and their pets are going to France.

Coming soon to bookstores!

In just a few days, the book "Shaggy on the Journey. Italy for three collies" , describing the Wyrzykowski family's trip to Italy. You will find plenty of photographs and stories about the places you have visited, the people you have met, about traveling with a pack of energetic dogs, about love for life and enjoying the moment. As the characters themselves say, this book is about happiness. And it's about happiness available at the proverbial fingertips.

"Shaggy Travel..." is an unusual guide to Italy, but the tourists here are also unusual, so it couldn't be otherwise. It is a book full of warmth and the scent of grapes ripening in the sun. There you will find descriptions of morning walks with dogs among sunflower fields and reports of making new friendships with vineyard owners who offered hospitality and often food (if you arrived late and all the local shops were already closed). In short, a wonderful family story about people who are passionate about traveling, collie dogs and enjoying life.

You can learn more about this nice family and their journey by visiting the website:


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