In a RV with a pet, i.e. problems with motion sickness

In a RV with a pet, i.e. problems with motion sickness – main image

The season of vacation trips, hectic travel plans and suitcase packing has just begun. Some vacationers will leave their pet at home, and some will take him on a long journey. If the topic concerns a dog that travels the world with us from a puppy and willingly jumps into the vehicle, all that remains is to be happy. However, if our pet associates such trips only with a visit to the vet (i.e. with nothing pleasant), it must be properly prepared in advance. Otherwise it will be a really long and tiring journey - for him and for us.

Traveling with your dog without stress

It is estimated that about 15% of pets suffer from motion sickness . The ailment most often results from the fear of driving a car, as well as negative memories associated with it. It affects both dogs and cats and is usually manifested by nausea (and therefore vomiting), intense drooling and confusion. Diarrhea is also a common symptom of motion sickness.

The best solution is to get your pet used to such trips. Short rides for walks and gradual increase of the covered distance will allow him to get used to traveling, and the vehicle itself will start to be positively associated with him. Of course, you should avoid dangerous situations that require sudden braking (which puts your pet under stress), but this applies to all journeys, with or without a pet.

Dog Motion Sickness - How Can I Deal With It?

If we do not have such a possibility (e.g. the dog came to us as an adult), the only option is to visit a vet. The specialist will select the pet appropriate measures that will help him travel the route as gently as possible, without struggling with unpleasant ailments. At the same time, it should be emphasized that the pet must not be given medicinal products intended for humans . We do not stuff the dog with Aviomarin or anything that helps bipedal tourists. The use of such methods can do more harm than good - inadequate proportions and the choice of medication can make your pet's motion sickness the least of any worries.

On the day before the planned trip, remember to give your pet half as much food . However, on the day of departure, he can drink only water or get a small portion of food - he will make up for lost calories when he stands on the ground with all four paws. You have to make stops every now and then so that he can take care of his physiological needs and get some fresh air. Anyway, it won't hurt us either.


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