A campsite right in the center of Florence

A campsite right in the center of Florence – main image

We visited the brand new Camping Firenze belonging to the Human Company chain for the second time. Last year, a swimming pool and a water lagoon for babies with a waterfall were built here. An ice cream parlor with locally made ice cream, a restaurant with great dishes of regional Tuscan cuisine, new bungalows and toilets have been built. There is also a shop and a small playground on site.

The biggest advantage of the campground, however, is its location ! You can reach the center in several minutes in several ways:

  1. By city bus - the stop is 500m from the campsite.
  2. A camping bus that departs directly from the campsite and takes us almost to Ponte Vecchio .
  3. By bike (own or from a camping rental) - a bicycle path along the Arno River leads to the center. The route to the center is approx. 4 km

The campsite has the largest number of brand new 2-3 person bungalows , which reflect a good-class hotel room (without a kitchen), but there are also fully equipped holiday homes and a large number of plots.

Even though it was cloudy in May - we had a lot of fun, which you will see in a short film from the campground and Florence. If you like it, click "Catch it up" and subscribe to our channel, because there will only be more such movies.

In the off-season, you can book Camping Firenze with a discount of up to 15%. Click .


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