Verona - a journey to the city of love

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Verona is one of the most important cities in northeastern Italy. Located on the Adyga River, at the foot of the Venetian Alps, it is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. In the past, due to the prevalence of building material, Verona was called the "marble city". Today it is associated with the title of "city of love". All thanks to the work of Shakespeare, who set the plot of the drama "Romeo and Juliet" in Verona. What to see in a one-day visit to the city? What regional dishes to try? Check out our practical guide to the charming city of Veneto!

Verona in 24 hours

You can start your visit to Verona on Piazza delle Erbe, the main square of the city, in the center of which is the famous Madonna Verona fountain, which was built from fragments of thermal baths from the times of the Roman Empire. The Torre dei Lambert, an 84-meter-high tower from the Middle Ages, towers over the same square. You can get to the top by lift or on foot, and at its top you will be able to admire the perfect panorama of the whole of Verona. The square is also close to the popular Juliet's House - Casa di Gulietta, in the courtyard of which you will find a wall filled with love messages posted by tourists in love from all over the world. In the same place, there is a bronze statue of Juliet. According to superstition, whoever touches her breasts will be lucky in love. Another highlight of your vacation in Italy can be a visit to Castelvecchio, the former seat of the Scaglieri family, which now houses the Art Museum. Outstanding Italian and European works are gathered there. During your trip around Verona, be sure to visit Piazza Brà, which is home to the Arena loved by the locals. This one of the largest amphitheatres in the world is today a place of concerts and opera performances.

Regional cuisine specialties

The most famous dish of Veneto is risotto. However, it is not the same everywhere. In Venice you will try traditional risotto, on the coast with fish or seafood, and in the interior of the region - with asparagus, pumpkin or frog legs. There is also a well-known dish of pasta and legume beans popular in this part of the country - pasta e fagioli. The Venetian lagoon provides the entire area with fresh fish and seafood, the most common of which are sea bream, sardine and crab. Veneto cuisine also includes famous paninis, sandwiches made of various types of bread and a wide selection of toppings. The best ones are those with gorgonzola and truffles. The region also produces the country's largest amounts of red lettuce and asparagus, which are often found in local dishes. During your vacation in Italy , you will also try great wine, especially sparkling prosecco and white trebbiano. The province of Verona is famous primarily for the soave and valpolicella varieties.

Campsites in Veneto

If you dream of a day trip to Verona, you can easily get there from Camping Du Parc located on the eastern shore of the picturesque Lake Garda. The historic city is only a 25-minute drive away. The facility with nearly 50 years of history constantly raises the standards of quality and safety, using alternative energy sources. Motorhome owners can count on all amenities there, there are also fully equipped sanitary facilities on site. There are also comfortable brick apartments and mobile homes with heating and air conditioning, a kitchenette and TV. They have at their disposal a private beach, swimming pool with jacuzzi and Internet access. Those who want to work on their body shape while traveling to Italy can use the gym or go to the swimming pool. The accommodation in Italy will also appeal to children who will be able to play on the playground. There is also a restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine. Next to the lake you will find a bar with a wide selection of cocktails and wines.

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