Western Hungary - a recipe for a successful holiday

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As the well-known proverb says - "Pole, Hungarian, two nephews!". A remote country in Central Europe has always been close to us, which is reflected in the large number of tourists who travel to Hungary to this day. They most often choose Budapest, the capital of the country, as their destination. Meanwhile, Hungary, located a few hours away from the Polish border, has much more to offer. This time we will take you to the west of the country and present the greatest attractions of the region, including culinary ones!

Worth seeing

West Hungary is famous for numerous castles and fortresses, many natural wonders in the form of underground lakes and thermal pools. Visiting Zala , a county on the western edge of the country, it is worth starting with the Zalakaros spa, where you will experience first-hand what it means to relax and unwind. The next point of a trip around Western Hungary may be the town of Kaszthely, the largest monument of which is also the oldest building in the city - a Gothic church from 1390. Railway fans can visit the museum of historical models and railway routes, in which there is a 500 m2 mock-up. Later, you can go to Hevitz, where the biggest warm peat lake in Europe is the highlight. During the season, the water temperature reaches 34 degrees Celsius, in winter it does not drop below 26 degrees. During your trip to Koszeg, you will see the famous Heroes' Tower, brought on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the victory over the Turks. The cave with an underground lake, which we recommend visiting, is located in Felvidéki. Don't forget about Lake Balaton, which can be a great starting point for excursions in the region.

Worth a try

Hungarian cuisine is associated with many people mainly with paprika. No wonder - the vegetable, in its stewed, powdered and baked form, reigns supreme as an ingredient in many dishes served in homes and restaurants. Food prepared in a cauldron, known as a bog-iron, often ends up on the tables. The most popular of them are goulash soup - gulyásleves and Hungarian goulash - pörkölt. Holidays in Western Hungary will be a great opportunity to try the famous langosz, a fat cake, served sweet or dry with mushroom sauce. Fans of fish flavors will surely like halászlé fish, and meat fans - veal paprika, usually served with dumplings. Don't forget to taste the original Hungarian aleo-lecsó as well. For dessert, we recommend the well-known and popular chestnut puree dipped in whipped cream and buns stuffed with cottage cheese. Eating in Hungary is one thing and the other - local alcohol. Among them, the most important is, of course, white wine - Tokaj and fruit vodka, also known as palinka.

Camping in West Hungary

Which campsite in Hungary is worth staying at? Among the rich offer, Castrum Camping Keszthely deserves special attention, the advantages of which we will try to present. The largest of them is the close proximity to the beaches of Lake Balaton and the short distance to the city center. The owners of the campsite have prepared 170 places for campers and cars with a caravan, there are also designated places for a tent. In addition to the amenities for camping vehicles, you will find fully equipped sanitary facilities, internet access throughout the campsite, barbecue areas, washing machines and bicycle rental. You can also relax in the swimming pool, and your kids will have a great time on the playground with a paddling pool. There is also a restaurant and a fresh bread shop on site. The campsite is only 300 meters from the grocery store and pizzeria.

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Ania Halagarda
Ania Halagarda

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