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If you want to go on vacation to a country where an exotic language is spoken, you don't have to look far. We recommend you a campsite in Hungary, a country that does not need to have access to the sea to have the sea. Visit Budapest, try tokaj, relax in the healing springs of Hajdúszoboszló. Breathe in the air on the lavender-scented Tihany Peninsula. Get to know the beauty of Pécs and the "Hungarian Sea", that is, Lake Balaton.

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Plan your vacation at a campsite with your family in the country on the Danube. Hungary is a place, where cultural life is very rich, locals always smiling, welcoming and willing to talk while having Tokaj, and the terrains outside the city will remain in the memory for a long time.

Sights and attractions in major cities

Visit the largest cities in Hungary and visit the most important monuments and places - Parliament in Budapest, the Fishermen's Bastion, the Castle, the Basilica and the Chain Bridge. In this city you will not be bored, so find the appropriate campsite in Hungary, in order not to miss any attraction on the map of this country!

Nature and idyll

Hungary is not only Budapest but also many small towns, which represent the Baroque style. Use the occasion to relax in the thermal baths, sit in the lap of nature with a glass of Hungarian wine in your hand. But do not forget to booka place at the campsite – apart from the wide range of accommodation, you will find here really low prices!

Hungary hides a lot of interesting attractions and offers various ways to spend your free time. They are also a treasury of historical adventures and events that were written down in school textbooks. Plan your vacation at a campground in this country and explore it with your family.

Hungary is relatively close to Poland. For example, you can reach this country from Krakow in less than 3 hours. From Warsaw to Budapest - in approx. 9.5 hours, choosing the shortest and at the same time the most popular route through Slovakia. If you would like to visit a campsite in Hungary, you won't have too much trouble getting to your destination. It is really worth spending at least one vacation on a trip.

Budapest what to see?

For many tourists, the Hungarian capital is a must-see on their list. It delights with views of the Danube, beautiful bridges connecting two sides of the city: Buda and Pest, and very interesting architecture. It has a lot of different kinds of monuments, including one of the largest national parliament buildings in the world. Camping in Budapest is a great option for anyone who wants to learn as much as possible about the beauties of the capital. See the magnificent Royal Castle and see the city from the Castle Hill. Also go to Mount Gellert.

When choosing a campsite in Hungary, consider Budapest. Speaking of it, it is impossible to ignore the green areas and thermal pools on Margaret Island. Its inhabitants love it, and there are also visitors. It is hardly surprising both because it is wonderful! Be sure to get to know them, as well as the Danube riverside. It is beautiful there, but also gloomy - at least where the famous shoes stand. In addition, we encourage you to go on a cruise on the river.

Hungary in a motorhome

Another famous place that you must visit during your stay is Lake Balaton. Hungary prides itself on him, and rightly so. It is an enormous lake, and it is associated with the sea for a reason. If you prefer quieter areas, stop by the north shore. Party-goers, on the other hand, will enjoy a more vibrant nightlife. In addition, you can go around them with a route of over 180 km - Balaton Körút. Book a campsite at Lake Balaton and you will discover beautiful places such as the hills with Szigliget Castle, the city of Keszthely and Badascona.

There are picturesque green areas around Lake Balaton, including the lavender fields on Tihany and numerous vineyards. Lovers of water parks and thermal springs also stay at the campsite at Lake Błotny. It is enough to mention, for example, Zalaegerszeg, Balatonfured, Kehidakustany or Balatonlelle. When it comes to thermal baths, Hungary really has reasons to be proud.

Campsites in Hungary

Have you ever heard the term "pearl of northern Hungary"? This is how Eger is called. Hungary is eagerly visited by tourists who plan to spend their holidays in this city. They are attracted by the famous thermal springs as well as regional wine. Situated at the foot of the Bükk Mountains, the city tempts with its beauty and intriguing history. If you choose a campsite by the Eger stream, bring Bull's blood (egri bikavér) from your holiday as a souvenir or gift for friends. What else is worth buying during your stay? Ceramics and lavender products from the Tihany Peninsula, a jar of paprika, salami or one of the most recognized herbal liqueurs in the world - Uncjum.

We encourage you to come!

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