Campsites Tolna

Tolna County, although less known to tourists than the great metropolises of Hungary, hides many treasures and is a real gem for those who want to feel the authentic atmosphere of this country, away from the hustle and bustle of tourists.

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Tolna County - a place full of charms

Campsites in Tolna County are a guarantee of closeness to nature and Hungarian tradition. Surrounded by lush nature, they offer peace and relaxation. Thanks to amenities - such as access to electricity, modern sanitary facilities and Wi-Fi - they ensure the highest level of comfort.

Sightseeing and attractions in Tolna County

Although Tolna may seem like a quiet region, it has many attractions. From historic castles and churches to picturesque bicycle routes along the Donau River. It is also an ideal place for lovers of hiking and bird watching. The Tolna region is a real paradise for gourmets. Traditional dishes such as Szalontüdő (roasted pork) or tojásos nokedli (dumplings with eggs) are just some of the culinary attractions that await visitors. In addition, the region is known for producing delicious wines that go perfectly with local specialties.

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