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Corsica is a real pearl of the French Mediterranean. Called the Island of Beauty (Île de Beauté), it also delights with its natural landscapes and surprises with its wild, inaccessible nature, so different from the well-known Greek or Croatian islands. Breathtaking travelers visiting the region are taken away by charming capes, beautiful beaches, magnificent mountains, nature reserves and picturesque cities, towns and villages where it is worth getting lost during a camper trip. Note - while admiring the island, watch out for cows, sheep and goats lying on the roads. And of course, get acquainted with the history of the island related to Napoleon and the corsairs, as well as try the best Corsican cuisine.

Idyllic corners of South Corsica

Corse-du-Sud, the southern department of Corsica, is a place made for traveling by motorhome. Today, we present you the most beautiful places in the region, inspiring you to vacation in France that will meet the expectations of beach lovers and mountain hikers.


The main urban center in this part of Corsica is Ajacco, the city where Napoleon Bonaparte was born. During the visit, it is worth seeing the cathedral from the fourteenth century, the church of Saint-Erasme from the seventeenth century, the citadel from the sixteenth century and the family home of Napoleon. The city center is Place Marechal Foch, surrounded by palm trees and a fountain with the image of four lions. In the itinerary of Corse-du-Sud , you can check out the medieval Bonifacio, located on the southern tip of the island. The town is characterized by a unique dense development erected on 60 m high cliffs, regularly washed by the sea waves. Numerous bars and pubs can be found in Porto-Vecchio, located on a hill at the southwestern end of the island, from where you can see Sardinia. In addition to relaxing on the beach and having fun in clubs, you will be able to admire the historic city fortifications. Interestingly, the entire island is covered with fragrant herbs - maquis, the smell of which remains in your memory for a long time.

A recipe for a tasty holiday in France


Eating in Corsica, although it has more in common with Italy than with France, surprises with the freshness and quality of ingredients, mainly based on the gifts of the sea and agricultural products from mountain areas. First of all, it is worth trying delicious lobustines and azimin, a fish soup. The main meat dishes on the menu are venison, the taste of which is diversified by wild spices - marjoram, thyme and mint. Local specialties include Corsican cold cuts - raw prisuttu ham, coppa sirloin and lonzu fillet as well as goat and sheep cheeses. The best known among them is broccia made from whey. In Corsica, baked or boiled chestnuts are also eaten, which are used to make soups, stews, and even desserts. Even flour is made of them on the island. With its addition, a pastiche is created - anise dessert. The people of Corsica are also proud of their delicious nougat and preserves. Corsican honey is also considered exceptionally tasty, and it is worth bringing with you from your holidays in France . Only Corsica grows unique clementines, which are a combination of bitter orange and mandarin. Olives and vines are grown on the steep slopes of the island. Mostly red and rosé wines are made from the sciarello grape, while the famous vermentino is used for whites.

Campsites in Corsica


Are you looking for campsites in Corsica ? You don't have to! All you have to do is stop at the campsites we recommend.

Camping Arinella Bianca is a 5 star camping on the coast of Serene in Corsica in Ghisonaccia. The campsite is located between the mountains and the sea and close to places such as Bastia, Bonifacio, Calvi, Corte. The campsite has an area of 10 hectares and has over 300 pitches, as well as mobile homes by the sea. It has its wide sandy beach and a beautiful swimming pool complex.


Camping Mulinacciu , situated in Lecci, surrounded by a forest and a river. The owners of the facility provide both parking spaces for motorhomes and caravans, as well as tourist cabins for rent. There is also a sports area that will be used by enthusiasts of active recreation and an equipped playground for the youngest guests. Bathing fans can take advantage of the outdoor swimming pool and the nearby stream. During your holidays in France , you will not have to cook, because access to restaurants and pizzerias is provided. There is also a grocery store and a bakery on site. Permanent access to the Internet is ensured by a wireless connection. Staying with dogs is accepted.

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