Chausson Exaltis - French class A

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Chausson in the integrated version looks very interesting. The neat and well-planned Exaltis model encourages you to set off on a long journey - even now!

Chausson Exaltis attracts attention with its appearance and well-designed interior. Each of the five variants includes four sleeping places and four seats with belts .

One bed is located at the front of the vehicle and is manually lowered. When the bed is pressed against the ceiling, we can use round LED lamps installed at the bottom, arranged in two rows.

Another two people can sleep in the rear part of the car - on one double bed or on two single beds, placed along the axis of the vehicle.

Elka rocks

Regardless of which version we choose, each one has an L-shaped kitchen , as well as a seating area for five people , also formed into an "elka".

The biggest differences between the models in terms of interior layouts concern the bathroom. In the basic model, it is integrated with the shower. In the three higher ones - the shower cubicle is located on the opposite side of the toilet, but the bathroom and shower part can be separated from the dining room together with the bedroom. In the longest model, the bathroom can be closed on two sides - both from the bedroom and the dining room.

In three lengths

Time for some numbers. Exaltis is offered in three lengths. Two models measure 6.99 m, two more - 7.38 m, and the longest - 7.41 m . The maximum permissible total weight of each model depends on the customer's order and can be 3,500 kg, 3,650 kg or 4,250 kg.

The motorhome is based on the Fiat Ducato, which can be powered by an engine with a capacity of 2.3 liters (130 HP or 150 HP), or with a capacity of 3 liters (180 hp).

In line with the trends

The interior of the Exaltis looks modern. Two-color hanging cabinets, in which the two basic colors are separated by a silver strip , make a particularly good impression. The handles are also silver in color.

All the lights in the interior are made in LED technology - there is e.g. a ceiling lamp consisting of many relatively large LEDs hidden behind a transparent, rectangular lampshade and reading lamps by the beds. The wardrobe and even the entrance step are also illuminated . During the day, the panoramic sunroof will probably be the most important light source.

The standard equipment of this motorhome includes, among others garage, 175-liter fridge and 6.000 W heating . Customers can choose from three types of furniture finishes and six fabric designs.

The manufacturer gives a 5-year warranty on the body made of polyester material. This also applies to the reinforced roof.

Chausson Exaltis seems to be a successful car, which can be recommended especially to customers looking for a small integrated car, who have already received proposals from German manufacturers. The French are trying to ensure a not inferior standard, as well as very well thought out interior layouts. It is worth bearing this in mind.

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