Innovation and high quality. Globe-Traveler news for 2019

Innovation and high quality. Globe-Traveler news for 2019 – main image

Yesterday the tags of CMT - die Urlaubsmesse in Stuttgart ended. The leading Polish caravanning brand, Globe-Traveler, could not be missed among the exhibitors. What has our representatives prepared this time?

First of all: the new GT Explorer XS interior

The Globe-Traveler Explorer , a motorhome for two people, has plenty of space inside. In the redesigned version, the refrigerator landed on the floor and the area above it was opened more. The bathroom was also changed - solutions that are known from other Voyager X and XS models were used. An even greater sense of space in the new Explorer XS interior is due to bright materials and additional LED lighting.


Second: every millimeter is worth its weight in gold

Although motorhomes are a luxury on wheels, they often have limited space. Jacek Jaskot, the main designer of the Globe-Traveler brand, remembered it, and donated several centimeters from the kitchen furniture to Voyager Z to enlarge the communication route. Thanks to this, there is more space between the refrigerator and the bathroom, and the refrigerator itself has 10 liters more capacity!

Third: more comfortable seats for passengers

The moment long awaited by many has finally arrived! No more discomfort and no more searching for the right body position on the passenger bench! Time for greater comfort of travelers who sit behind the driver. New, movable seats are something that can mess up a lot on the caravanning van market.


You can see the seat adjustment here .

The new bench - actually two independent armchairs - gives you more options. Seats can be moved apart or pulled forward like in buses. While driving, they can be moved away from each other, and during a stop or at the campground they can be pushed together, which in turn does not disturb the space in the communication route

What does it look like, i.e. previous years vs. 2019 at Globe-Traveler

The wardrobe on the Explorer XS was previously under the refrigerator, behind the back bench, and was very large. Now it is located between the kitchen and bathroom and is slightly smaller. However, this is not a problem, because the EXS is the most capacious of the GT models. The upper cabinets above the cab and the table are very large and spacious.


In Voyager Z, the places within the worktop's working surface were changed. In the new model, it is slightly higher, which can be a great convenience for people with high growth, and the lack of rounding at the edge also affects the comfort of use. The top is narrower by as much as 5 cm, thanks to which the width of the passage has increased by these few centimeters, which is very important in the VZ.

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