A motorhome to reduce operating costs

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The design and technical solutions of BusKampers are legally protected throughout the EU. At the Motorshow fair in Poznań, the debut of another proposal signed by a manufacturer from Poland was waiting for us. This is probably the first motorhome with the Star-Stop system!

BusKamper owners willingly take them on long trips. The limited size of buildings goes hand in hand with unexpectedly great independence in camping. Almost a full functional program - the only thing missing is a bathroom in the interior (there is an external shower and a yacht toilet), it goes hand in hand with a very happy budget for the trips.

The BusKamper company from Mosina (near Poznań) has been blazing the trail on the very competitive market of tourist vehicles for 5 years. And it does it very effectively thanks to narrow specialization - the base vehicle is each time one of the "triplets" (Renault Trafic, Opel Vivaro, Nissan Primastar). This year, the manufacturer surprised once again by presenting a campervan based on the new generation Opel Vivaro BiTurbo 2016 .


JOKER among motorhomes

There are many indications that the BusKamper family will become even more numerous, and being on the way will take on new signs of environmental friendliness. The first motorhome with the Start / Stop system was presented at the manufacturer's stand!

Undoubtedly, the ecoFLEX emblem will add prestige to the owner of such a motorhome. The fuel-efficient 1.6 CDTI with the standard Start / Stop system automatically shuts down when stationary, for example at traffic lights, reducing fuel consumption and emissions to almost zero. The reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions is also facilitated by a number of energy-saving technologies, such as the energy recovery system during deceleration and braking. In addition to the Start / Stop system to help reduce fuel consumption, the Opel Vivaro is also equipped with an energy-saving water pump that turns on only when necessary.


The advanced powertrains in the Opel Vivaro use a system of two turbochargers of different sizes. The lower the engine speed, the faster it reacts at lower revs, and the greater at higher revs. Effect? The BusKamper owner can enjoy dynamic driving, and at the same time boast a sensational low fuel consumption (even 5.5-6l ON / 100km).

Autonomous and camouflaged

No more than 4 weeks pass from placing the order to the completion of the BusKamper. This is an exceptionally short time when we consider the in-depth transformation of a serial passenger car into a fully autonomous "house on wheels" - from interior insulation and construction, to the installation of an LPG tank. Moreover, the list of proposed, additional equipment options for BusKamper motorhomes is very long.


When exploring unknown corners, where it is in vain to look for the achievements of civilization, two proprietary solutions turn out to be very useful - an efficient solar system that provides constant power (including 230V) and the aforementioned gas system. This one is integrated with the parking heater and the cooker. The microprocessor control system for 12V and 230V and gas installations guarantees that the BusKamper will take care of the optimal selection of the power source for power receivers (refrigerator, stove, coffee machine, etc.). After all, a complete 230V installation works with a 12V / 230V converter with a power of 1000W!

Voyage, Nature, Family



The limited size of the building (among the Voyage, Nature and Family varieties, only the latter guarantees accommodation for 4-5 people) goes hand in hand with the ease of concealing the actual purpose of the interior of the vehicle. The rule is to camouflage a comfortable living room (behind dark windows), and a bedroom for 2-5 people at a stop. Feast is favored by swivel, comfortable armchairs with armrests. This creates a comfortable place to stay around the table for at least 4 people. In the Voyage, Nature version, the vehicle is less than 2 meters high, so the bedroom is a double bedroom. In the Family version, the higher interior guarantees not only a standing position, but also accommodation for a family of 4-5 people.

More information on the website: www.buskamper.pl

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