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A motorhome to reduce operating costs

The design and technical solutions of BusKampers are legally protected throughout the EU. At the Motorshow fair in Poznań, the debut of another proposal signed by a manufacturer from Poland was waiting for us. This is probably the first motorhome with the Star-Stop system!. BusKamper owners willingly take them on long trips. The limited size of buildings goes hand in hand with unexpectedly great independence in camping. Almost a full functional program - the only thing missing is a bathroom in the interior (there is an external shower and a yacht toilet), it goes hand in hand with a very happy budget for the trips.

Pleasantly cool Dometic for the 2016 season – image 1

Pleasantly cool Dometic for the 2016 season

During the Motor Show in Poznań, the Caravanning Salon was once again presented on the domestic market. The range of refrigerators has been enriched with the latest achievements of engineers and specialists in industrial design. For years, Dometic has provided intelligent and reliable products with unique designs, not only for caravan and motorhome owners. More than 12,000 partners on the international market and the richest program of refrigerators guarantee mobile solutions that make life easier both on the road and on board a yacht. Each time you can choose the refrigerator capacity you are interested in in three different cooling technologies. Although each one will keep your food fresh every day, note that the cooling power of thermoelectric and absorption coolers is also significantly influenced by the ambient temperatures. The latter also ensure maximum independence in terms of power supply: they work with the mains, vehicle battery and gas. Their disadvantage is ... high price. Portable compressor coolers operate independently of the outside temperature and provide the best cooling performance for all applications while consuming very little energy. Unlike other cooling systems, deep-freezing is possible. And it is with such a proposal that we will begin our review of new products in the program of the market leader in cooling equipment.

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Green Truma

At the end of 2015, Truma was certified for its professional energy and environmental management systems in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 50001. The first of them - Environmental Management System (EMS), is a guarantee of quality and reliability in the scope of manufactured products, as well as their compliance with the principles of environmental protection. The second is the international standard for the recognition of best practices in energy efficiency. The ISO 50001 certificate also confirms the pro-ecological approach of the company, creating a positive image of a "socially responsible" company, because it obliges it to improve methods that result in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Erwin Hymer Group buys Roadtrek!

The undisputed leader of the European market now owns a company that produces motorhomes overseas. Since February 24, the owner of Roadtrek is Erwin Hymer Group North America. This is the result of the purchase of shares in a Canadian motorhome manufacturer. The first result of the takeover will be the debut of one of the most popular European motorhomes on the markets of North America. HymerCar will expand the range of vehicles of the Canadian company, which has been number 1 in the compact campervan segment for 25 years.

Bimobil - (also) an exception to the rule – image 1
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Bimobil - (also) an exception to the rule

The company Bimobil from Oberpframmern near Munich, which has been converting cars into houses on wheels for over 40 years, makes a daring volt. To the disappointment of regular customers, it also presents a model that we will order with a 4x4 drive only on request. During the recently concluded CMT fair, 220,000 visitors passed through the Stuttgart halls, visiting the stands of 2,068 exhibitors from 96 countries. Not only the media attention did not escape the fact that the event's regular decided to make a breakthrough in his production program. Fans of purebred "houses on wheels" associate the Bimobil brand with bodywork on 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles. Of course, there was a debut at the stand, which confirms the leading profile of the German company, but it is the rear-wheel drive model that has the chance to popularize motor tourism among new caravanning fans.

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Motorhome & Caravan news

Carthago during CMT 2016

Integrated Tourer I c-144 LE with an improved, modular interior concept and Chic c-line 4.9 "Edition". A leading manufacturer of motorhomes presents the latest offers in the premium class. The Stuttgart trade fair provides a communication platform for the export-oriented economy of Baden-Württemberg. Since the most modern and architecturally interesting trade fair and congress center in Europe was opened here in 2007, at the beginning of each year, exhibitors from all over the world present here all aspects of leisure and tourism related to traveling in a set with a caravan or on board a motorhome.

Knaus Tabbert GmbH is built in Hungary – image 1

Knaus Tabbert GmbH is built in Hungary

One of the leading European manufacturers of motorhomes has decided to build a new production hall in Nagyoroshi. The decision was announced on December 11. Over the next two and a half years, Knaus Tabbert GmbH will invest a total of around EUR 13.5 million in the construction of a new production hall, which will be built on an area of over 10,000 square meters. The planned investment assumes the target production of recreational vehicles at the level of 5 thousand. models per year. The earliest, next year, a new production hall will be built in Hungary. Ultimately, a production line for construction forms and a carpentry shop will also operate here. The investment will be crowned with doubling the production of caravans and motorhomes.

How did your insurer fare? – image 1

How did your insurer fare?

The Polish Chamber of Automotive Industry organized the 10th edition of the Motor Insurance Discussion Forum. The event was accompanied by the announcement of the results of the Satisfaction Survey from the cooperation of Repair Workshops with Insurance Companies. A total of 20 insurance companies were assessed. Before you buy a policy, check who has the best claims handling and who really cares about your safety. For ten years, the Polish Chamber of Automotive Industry has been creating a special platform for the exchange of experiences, knowledge and arguments for all participants of the car repair market. This undisputed platform is the Motor Insurance Discussion Forum. The presence of leading market experts is a guarantee of the highest substantive level of the meeting, which was confirmed by the jubilee event (December 1 this year, Warsaw). Among more than 150 participants, there were representatives of companies from the motor vehicle claims handling industry: mechanical and body repair shops, car dealers, appraisers, claims adjusters, insurance companies, car rental companies, fleet companies, companies supplying tools, materials and software for service stations.

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Chausson and news in the program for the 2016 season

Last year, Chausson campers were sold in the number of 5,000. pieces, half of which outside France. The latest model collection was created for winter caravanning and so far, almost every motorhome can be based on a Ford or Fiat chassis as well. For years, Chausson has been proud of the best insulation properties of motorhome covers. The above-average thickness of the roof (54.5 mm) and the thickness of the floor (63.5 mm) puts all models in the row best suited to winter tourism. Before we present the new products of the French manufacturer, let us mention that the representative of the brand on the Polish market has recently been the company Transa-M from Pszczyna. Here you will also find the models discussed, which were created for the 2016 season.

Garage like an umbrella – image 1

Garage like an umbrella

Those who do not plan winter caravanning are definitely looking for a safe harbor for their "house on wheels". Of course, you can use the services of storage facilities, which are the domain of campsites and agritourism farms. It can also be different. The best solution is to winter the vehicle under a roofed carport or in a hangar, after all, a typical garage is definitely too small. Build? Rent? Garage tents are at the forefront when it comes to mobility, flexibility and cost. Contrary to stationary structures or the monthly costs of renting covered parking spaces, the cost of purchasing portable structures pays back relatively quickly.

Novelties in the field of two-wheeler transport – image 1

Novelties in the field of two-wheeler transport

Sawiko offers nearly two decades of solutions dedicated to caravanning enthusiasts - from the design and production of support systems to fastening systems. Since January 2012, the German manufacturer has been a company of the AL-KO group. The combination of the competences of both companies resulted in new proposals in the field of transport systems. During Caravan Salon 2015, new products from both companies (Sawiko / AL-KO) were presented. All of them are a response to the needs of safe and comfortable transport of two-wheelers.

New in Thetford offer – image 1

New in Thetford offer

The clear leader on the market of sanitary appliances, cooktops and absorption refrigerators for caravanning overseas announces a program tailored to the needs of autonomous travel across Europe. The compact equipment of the kitchenette is designed for the smallest tourist vehicles. Thetford Group today employs over 1,000 employees, and its first branch outside the US was established in the 1970s. Since 1973, the European headquarters of the company has been located in the Netherlands. And it is here that the latest collection of kitchen equipment was designed.