Chausson and news in the program for the 2016 season

Chausson and news in the program for the 2016 season – main image

Last year, Chausson campers were sold in the number of 5,000. pieces, half of which outside France. The latest model collection was created for winter caravanning and so far, almost every motorhome can be based on a Ford or Fiat chassis as well.

For years, Chausson has been proud of the best insulation properties of motorhome covers. The above-average thickness of the roof (54.5 mm) and the thickness of the floor (63.5 mm) puts all models in the row best suited to winter tourism. Before we present the new products of the French manufacturer, let us mention that the representative of the brand on the Polish market has recently been the company Transa-M from Pszczyna. Here you will also find the models discussed, which were created for the 2016 season.

New plating concept

Chausson and composite innovation - this is how the new technology called iRP is advertised. The proprietary sheathing is to be the strongest advantage of all newly produced motorhomes, which can be ordered from the company's dealers for several months. The innovative composite sheathing provides even better insulation, and above all, greater durability and better protection against damage (iRP stands for: Insulation, Resistance & Protection). The sandwich structure is glued - the use of screws has been completely dispensed with. The 7-year guarantee of the sheathing tightness is another argument in favor of choosing Chausson. The service hatch is also new. Techni Box hides access to a set of fuses, water inlet, gray water drain valve grouped in one place. This is now standard on all Chausson motorhomes.


Exaltis - the flagship model gained on winter advantages

The fully integrated motorhome has all the best features of the Chausson brand: maximum comfort, optimal seating space, elegant finishes and ... affordable price. There are 8 models to choose from, from 6.99 m to 7.41 m. All Exaltis models have Seitz framed windows and the interior is illuminated by LED technology. The newest integrals gained on the volume of under-floor hatches, because the height under the double floor was increased from 16 cm to 24 cm. This is the most important change, not counting the details in the form of a differently profiled front panel of the vehicle.

620 - new semi-integrated


Also new is the 620 model, which hides the best qualities of the best-selling models: 610 and 628. The former has a bedroom across. The second huge king-bed. The semi-integrated 620 model measures less than 7 meters in length and 292 cm in height, guaranteeing a trip for 4 or 5 people and an overnight stay for 3 or 4 people. Extremely large floor plan, a centrally placed couch behind the cab and two additional seats make this motorhome perfect for feasting in a larger group. Up to 6 people will comfortably sit behind the table! The standard includes: fridge-freezer (175 l), heating powered by car fuel (Webasto), electrically height-adjustable bed above the living room. The arrangement of the rear part of the body is the most interesting. The multi-functional garage has as many as three hatches, and the functional division ensures that this place can be used as a bicycle storage and at the same time as a spacious wardrobe. Like most models, this one can also be based on a Fiat Ducato or Ford Transit chassis with a cabin.

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