FlowCamper - flower children in the 21st century

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Flow Camper is not meant to be ultra-modern at all. Instead, it has to be homely, cool, easy to like and that's why - based on the simplest solutions. For the creators of the brand, clear, transparent rules are also important, which is why the customer receives full tourist equipment as standard.

How much money is a customer willing to pay for the impression that they are buying a vehicle with a soul? According to the German manufacturer, it must be at least 46 thousand. euro - that's how the cheapest FlowCamper was priced. But will such an expense actually make us go back in time and feel the energy that the hippies had around us? I am afraid that equipping the newest Volkswagen Transporter with colorful kilims is not enough - but let everyone judge it for themselves.

Hippie flavors and corporate rest

The creators of FlowCamper placed next to each other the Volkswagen T2 - a car unique to anyone who was (or would like to be) a real hippie, and the Volkswagen T6 - theoretically the heir of the first "cucumber" in the sixth generation. Then, staring at T2, the creators of the new motorhome brand decided to give the "youngster" the cult characteristics of an "old man" .

FlowCamper attracts attention with its orange and white colors (the reverse configuration is also available: white and orange), the flower motif on the body, and the interior with details such as a vase on the cockpit and colorful fabrics, pinned with… pins. In turn, the luggage containers are made of raw wood (like pallets). Orange curtains also evoke nostalgia.

In addition to this type of flavor, the rest is now "normal", ie in line with current standards. The camping structure is modular. In the individual "blocks" we can find a washbasin, a refrigerator (25 liters), a 12-liter water tank and the same for sewage , a water pump, a shower (for outdoor use), a gas stove, and a folding table. The FlowCamper is also equipped with heating, LED lighting, electrical sockets and USB ports .

An important element of the FlowCamper is also a lifting roof , thanks to which you can sleep both on the mattress downstairs and "upstairs". The raised attic is equipped with three windows, so that also people sleeping upstairs will have access to natural light.

Three options - no extra charges

Fortunately, people interested in buying the FlowCamper can choose more powerful engines than those offered in T2 (there they had power from 47 to 70 HP). The new motorhome is offered with 100 HP, 150 HP and even 200 HP diesel units. The car can be available with five or eight seats (optional).

What the creators of FlowCamper emphasize (and which appeals to me much more than hooking up to hippie aesthetics) is a clear and specific price list. In the case of modular offers, it often happens that at the basic price, the customer receives a car almost without accessories, while for each installed module, he has to pay a lot. In the case of the FlowCamper, there are three ready-made configurations to choose from, the differences between them concern the engines, the permissible total weight and the equipment of the car itself (e.g. cruise control, heated seats), and not typical camping elements.

Full tourist equipment is available as standard , and upon collection of the vehicle, we receive full gas cylinders and a filled water tank. We pay, start the engine and we can go on tour!

It is also worth mentioning that thanks to the modular structure, the FlowCamper can be easily changed into a Flow-van . It is enough to remove all the "blocks" and the Volkswagen Transporter will return to its original function, becoming simply a spacious luggage compartment.

To sum up, FlowCamper is a very interesting proposition, even if the eye winked at flower children and their grandchildren seems to be a rather far-fetched marketing procedure.

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