How should a motorhome be equipped for winter travel?

How should a motorhome be equipped for winter travel? – main image

In order to have a good time during the holidays, our motorhome must be properly equipped and adapted to winter conditions . Check what to look for when choosing a vehicle for such a trip.

When we go on vacation in a motorhome, we are not afraid of capricious weather. Own house on wheels allows you to move freely not only between the lifts, but also to visit tourist attractions, use the SPA or shopping in the nearest shopping center. All this, however, provided that our motorhome is properly equipped.

Can I stand it?

If you are going on a winter motorhome trip for the first time, you may ask yourself many questions, such as "Will I stay in the motorhome that long?" "Will it be too cold?" "Will I be missing anything?"

In order for the vacation in the motorhome to be successful, several conditions must be met. The car must be suitable for longer journeys in colder periods, i.e. equipped with heating, insulation and good ventilation . Thanks to this and elementary knowledge of how to deal with such trips in a motorhome, we can ensure a successful holiday.


Efficient gas heating (if you plan to travel in the autumn-winter or early-spring period) is essential. The heating must be left on all the time, even when you are skiing. Then the temperature in the motorhome is still positive and the water installation will not freeze.

The minimum you need to ensure is two gas cylinders placed in special chambers. The cylinder compartments cannot be completely closed and therefore all have ventilation openings in or near the floor. This is of great importance in the event of leaks and possible gas leaks. Unfortunately, it also causes poor insulation of the cylinder.


The density of the gas used in motorhomes - most often propane-butane, less often propane alone - increases rapidly as the temperature drops, which causes the gas pressure to drop. In this case, it happens that the cylinder, which seems to have a lot of gas in it, can only be replaced or refilled.

The "duo control" systems that automatically switch power from one cylinder to the other are helpful. Thanks to this, it will not be necessary to go outside the motorhome in the middle of the night to replace the cylinder. The best, however, is heating with diesel fuel , which is taken directly from the fuel tank. In this way, we do not have to worry about taking heavy gas cylinders for winter camping and we will refuel the necessary fuel at every gas station. This is the favorite type of heating by our editorial office.

Insulated walls

All modern motorhomes are usually very well insulated . This is due to the fact that thermal protection materials are light and relatively cheap. Their proper arrangement and protection ensures good insulation of the living area of the vehicle.

However, pay attention to the driver's cabin. A large area of windows, many sheet metal elements and the need to ensure easy access to the battery, which is most often located under the floor, make it not the best insulated part of the car at the factory. Remember to add additional equipment to thermal mats used outside the cabin , often in tandem with internal mats.


Additionally, you can think of a hanging thermal mat that separates the driver's cabin from the living area. Unfortunately, we will lose the possibility of using comfortable seats in the cab.

Insulated floor

Only motorhomes with a double floor are suitable for use in frost. It has to do with the plumbing. Do not allow the water to freeze. FrostControl systems effectively protect the boiler by opening the safety valves early. In the event of a drop in temperature inside the vehicle, the water from the boiler spills under the car, thanks to which we will not damage a rather expensive element of the motorhome's equipment.

Important warning. Even in double-floor motorhomes, do not leave the car for too long with the heating system turned off . During frosts, the heating should be turned on practically all the time. When you go to a ski slope, for example, and the car is left at the campsite, you can possibly reduce the temperature inside. In this way, we will not cool the interior too much and we will not freeze the water installations. Of course, this does not apply to motorhomes, which we do not currently use and the water installation is empty.

What else?

A set of winter tires is the basis. It's good if you also remember about wheel chains . In the mountains, on icy routes, they can be really useful, especially with heavy vehicles such as campers. In many mountain regions there is an obligation to have chains, and there are quite high fines for their lack.

Pay attention to whether your motorhome has a ventilated cabinet with a blast of warm air inside. It is reliable when you need to dry things. When it comes to storage, a spacious equipment rack will also be useful, so as not to keep skis or snowboards in the living area. It is worth thinking about electric shoe dryers (if we have the ability to connect to the 230V mains) and a possible splitter to be able to dry, for example, 4 pairs of shoes at the same time in the camper's garage.

It is good for the refrigerator to accommodate larger supplies, although winter has the advantage that what does not fit into the refrigerator may land next to the car and will not break down either. Shower, good when there is, but due to limited water resources ... you know. If you're at a nice campground, simply use the sanitary facilities there.

No matter where matters with who

And finally. A ripped package is the basis. It's good to go with someone you know well and get along with, and it's best if you've already been on a trip together. This is especially important in winter, because then you will spend much more time together in a small space than in summer.


It is good to take care of order and harmony of characters so that you can enjoy a successful trip together. Remember that "irreconcilable differences" only appear after a few days, and in such a small space they can be felt particularly acutely.

If you are planning a ski camper trip this winter, check out CarGO . The company has vehicles in its rental that are fully prepared for winter escapades!

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