Bimobil - (also) an exception to the rule

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The company Bimobil from Oberpframmern near Munich, which has been converting cars into houses on wheels for over 40 years, makes a daring volt. To the disappointment of regular customers, it also presents a model that we will order with a 4x4 drive only on request.

During the recently concluded CMT fair, 220,000 visitors passed through the Stuttgart halls, visiting the stands of 2,068 exhibitors from 96 countries. Not only the media attention did not escape the fact that the event's regular decided to make a breakthrough in his production program. Fans of purebred "houses on wheels" associate the Bimobil brand with bodywork on 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles. Of course, there was a debut at the stand, which confirms the leading profile of the German company, but it is the rear-wheel drive model that has the chance to popularize motor tourism among new caravanning fans.

A brand of the Daimler concern from the Bimobil stable

With annual sales of 140 thousand. arts, is undoubtedly the leader of the wilderness in Asia and Australia. The global sales network on 5 continents in 150 countries is also important - in America and Canada alone we can find over 245 dealerships and authorized repairs of the Fuso brand. Three cab types, six different wheelbases, a very high payload and an optimal turning circle in a narrow space make the Canter a decisive distinction in the light and medium-heavy truck class. These graceful features decided that the latest motorhome - Bimobil EX 460 , was based on a frame with a Fuso Canter 4x4 cab.

Bimobil EX-460

During CMT 2016, a body with a new interior layout was presented, which will meet the expectations of 4 people. The main bedroom has a mattress measuring 153 x 206 cm. The same size is created after leaving the table in a classic dinet. The middle part guarantees freedom of movement, because the space of 5 sq m. only limited by the kitchenette and compact dimensions of the bathroom with toilet and shower. The enormous luggage compartment is also enviable, since the latest model has been slimmed down, so it has a record load capacity (approx. 1400 kg!).

Bimobil EX 460 costs 139 thousand. Euro and ready to go weighs 6.5 tons. Well, if not the price, then the DMC is certainly a sufficient reason to limit the latest offer to a narrow audience. The proposal of a motorhome based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis looks completely different.

4x2 or Bimobil LBH 510


The new Bimobil LBH 510 costs 99,566 euro and in the recommended version meets the expectations of drivers declaring a category B driving license. With the basic rear-wheel drive (163 hp TDI) it weighs 3040 kg. This is not much considering the fact that it is a situation of "ready to drive", so the driver is already sitting in the cabin, the fuel tank (100 liters) is full, and the water and gas supplies are 90% replenished. The result of the use of lighter materials building the living capsule and partition walls guarantees a quite decent load capacity of 460 kg. It is enough to enjoy the trip of a 3-person crew. Wilderness? 4x4 drive is available only on request, because it means the need to register a car weighing 3,880 kg, which may hurt more than the need for an additional EUR 1,285.

Enjoys the space

Bimobil LBH 510 will certainly not be the king of the wilderness, because that was not the goal of announcing the proposal priced below 100,000. euro and affordable for the widest circle of drivers. We will not be disappointed by the interior layout, otherwise designed for the comfort of a 3-person crew. The floor plan is 10 sq m, so we can move around comfortably inside the building. The large bathroom (floor dimensions: 135 x 85 / 73.5 cm) attracts attention. We transform the places behind the table in the dinet into a bedroom (86 x 190 cm), and the main bedroom is made up of separate beds at the back (76 x 195 cm and 76 x 185 cm). Both are separated by a corridor, from which we take stairs to a spacious relaxation area with a kitchenette. We will certainly appreciate the substantial cubature of the so-called garage. This one is accessible from three sides after opening the giant flaps.

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