RANDGER 560 - 4x4 motorhome based on Ford

RANDGER 560 - 4x4 motorhome based on Ford – main image

4-wheel-drive expedition vehicles are becoming more and more popular, but not only fans of off-road adventures want additional traction - whoever has been in the mountains in a motorhome in winter knows how useful grip is in white powder or on icy routes.

When you add to this more reliable performance in all road conditions all year round, it is hardly surprising that the all-wheel drive segment is becoming more and more popular. Among fans of motorhome tourism (especially winter), for example, semi-integrated 4WD based Mercedes Sprinter are very popular. However, this is an extremely costly investment that only a few can afford.

On the other "pole" we have, in turn, all versions of the VW T6 / T6.1 with 4Motion drive, which, due to their dimensions and limited space inside, are not the optimal solution for everyone looking for a motorhome. With the greater curiosity, at the invitation of the distributor, the TRANSA-M brand from Pszczyna , we took advantage of the invitation to present the new version of the Randger R560 model.

The Trigano Group Experience

Randger is a brand of the Trigano group that takes European markets by storm. The range of motorhomes includes various models, from the smallest, built on the basis of Fiat Talento, through Ford Transit to Fiat Ducato, in total from 499 to 636 cm of mobile joy for every travel style and needs. The bodies are perfectly planned and are characterized by high quality and extensive standard equipment.


The uniqueness of the R560 model is felt after crossing the threshold of the Ford cab - high-quality materials, a leather, multifunctional steering wheel, the X-Zent multimedia system (Zenec group) and comfortable airplane seats pamper you from the very entrance. Design and ergonomics are simply at a great level. Among many users, motorhomes based on Transit are among the most eye-friendly. Here we will feel like in a modern passenger car! Interestingly, the Transit can also be equipped with the SYNC 3 system or the Ford Pass Connect communication system, known in Ford. Standard safety systems, i.e. ABS / TCS / ASR, can be extended with e.g. lane assistant.


The presented vehicle has the most popular on the market 2.0 TDCi EcoBlue engine with a capacity of 170 HP (the base variant is also possible - 130 HP) with rear-wheel drive, and if necessary, the front drive is "attached" (in case of, for example, loss of grip). Of course, it is possible to lock the drive - a permanent 4x4 drive is available up to a speed of 40 km / h . It is worth paying attention to the wheels that have 16 inches as standard and the tire size is 235/65.

Extensive standard equipment

As standard, we can find many flavors, which would be subject to an additional charge with the vast majority of manufacturers or as part of an additional package - from the outside, we have a "racially" off-road piping on the front bumper with a laser-cut manufacturer's logo, the possibility of choosing from the full range of colors available for the Ford Transit (not only a pallet limited by the body builder) and premium Dometic-Seitz SR7 frame windows that do not protrude beyond the vehicle outline.


The Thule awning blind and the external LED lighting below it perfectly complete the positive image of the whole. In addition, there is an external click shower on the side of the vehicle - also as standard. We can supplement the accessories with, among others o a rack for 2 Thule bikes, a tow bar or a solar kit.

Built-up space

The vehicle is less than 598 cm long , 275 cm high, and 206 cm wide. This means that the vehicle is extremely agile and practical to maneuver, and at the same time managed to conjure up an amazing space inside. The car to drive is designed for 4 people. Right behind the swivel seats, there are upper cabinets on both sides, and under them there is a folding table (in front of the seats with driving belts), which can be removed and "hung" in front of the main entrance - it becomes unnecessary to carry an additional free-standing table. In the day zone, you can quickly create an additional sleeping place by lowering the table.


Further down, there is a spacious kitchen with a stainless steel sink, 2-ring hob and a 90-liter Dometic compressor refrigerator. The orderly space of the bathroom is extremely practical here - we have a folding washbasin and a fully functional shower separated by a rigid, folded bulkhead wall (not a curtain). The rear part of the bedroom is characterized by an ingenious transverse bed that can be folded in order to obtain even more luggage space. With such compact dimensions, it was also possible to find space for a wardrobe with a rod. The number of shelves and cabinets is more than enough!


The clean water tank holds 100 liters, and the dirty water tank - 60 liters. Optionally, we can order a winter package, ie a gray water tank heating system. In the back you will find a compartment for one standard gas cylinder, but this is not a limitation - the main heating function (DHW and heating) is performed here by the Truma 4D system powered by diesel fuel , which can also be retrofitted with a CP PLUS panel with i-Net. The diesel system is perfect for the winter season - we do not have to worry about replacing the cylinder.

Overall impressions

The R560 is definitely not an off-road beast. Several elements of the chassis will hook in the "real" terrain, as well as the automatically retractable, every day extremely comfortable and wide step ... But let's be honest - the 4x4 drive will in 90% of cases come in handy during everyday driving in poor grip conditions or in winter.


Slightly difficult terrain and traction conditions are the element of this car. This can help us get out of many oppressions - especially in winter we will be able to deal with success in the vast majority of cases.

The car has a distinctive design, offers outstanding space and equipment - the natural lighting inside thanks to the side and roof windows is impressive, additionally the integrated mosquito nets / blinds / roller blinds allow for full intimacy inside.

More information about Randger motorhomes can be found at www.randger-kampery.pl


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