Pleasantly cool Dometic for the 2016 season

Pleasantly cool Dometic for the 2016 season – main image

During the Motor Show in Poznań, the Caravanning Salon was once again presented on the domestic market. The range of refrigerators has been enriched with the latest achievements of engineers and specialists in industrial design.

For years, Dometic has provided intelligent and reliable products with unique designs, not only for caravan and motorhome owners. More than 12,000 partners on the international market and the richest program of refrigerators guarantee mobile solutions that make life easier both on the road and on board a yacht. Each time you can choose the refrigerator capacity you are interested in in three different cooling technologies. Although each one will keep your food fresh every day, note that the cooling power of thermoelectric and absorption coolers is also significantly influenced by the ambient temperatures. The latter also ensure maximum independence in terms of power supply: they work with the mains, vehicle battery and gas. Their disadvantage is ... high price. Portable compressor coolers operate independently of the outside temperature and provide the best cooling performance for all applications while consuming very little energy. Unlike other cooling systems, deep-freezing is possible. And it is with such a proposal that we will begin our review of new products in the program of the market leader in cooling equipment.


Waeco CoolFreeze CFX 95DZ2

As the name suggests, the CoolFreeze CFX series compressor cooler keeps cold down to - 18 ° C even in extremely high ambient temperatures (12/24 V DC; 100-240 V AC supply voltage). The latest model, depending on the needs , can cool and freeze , it can be a stove or a freezer. Each time we have 85 liters available for flexible use and selection of the work function of each chamber (50.5l and 34.5l). It is a fully mobile model (dimensions: 957 x 472 x 530mm), and the solid casing of the compressor cooler ensures that it can also be used on board a boat. Armored fittings suggest that we are dealing with equipment that is extremely resistant to the hardships of operation, after all, an empty fridge weighs 32 kg.


3in1 - CRX 50, CRX 65 CRX 80

This is a new family of built-in (compressor) refrigerators with a usable capacity of 45-, 57-, 80-liters. The unique solution of all of them is a completely free configuration of the superstructure, so also the choice of the dominant function. Each of them can therefore be a refrigerator with a freezer compartment, only a fridge, or only… a freezer. The removable freezer compartment guarantees the flexible use of space. In the latter configuration, the CRX 50, CRX 65 and CRX 80 lowers the temperature to minus 17C! Engineers took care of details, adapting a new generation compressor to power these models. Effect? Intelligent control of the compressor speed by means of an electronic system guarantees energy consumption lower by up to 25%.


Drawer coolers CD 20S and CD 30S

The volume of "houses on wheels" requires prudent use of every free decimeter of space. In the Dometic range you will find compressor models that are just waiting for a place to be installed. Of course, we are talking about smart cooling drawers . And this time the manufacturer took care of the aesthetics and the possibility of flexible adaptation to the existing body and color of the interior of your vehicle. Drawer refrigerators are now available in three different colors. The front panel of the CD20 and CD30 refrigerator is available not only in white and black, but also in stainless steel. The smallest, 20-liter model requires a storage box with dimensions of 438x250x565 mm, but nothing prevents you from reducing the largest dimension. It is enough to separate the compressor from the housing, and the space depth for the cooling drawer may be less!



It is an ideal solution for supporters of thermoelectric technology - we are talking about Peltier cells. If you are just starting your adventure with caravanning, WAECO CoolFun refrigerators will be the most economical proposition without any alternatives. From this season, they are available in three new sizes with a USB port in the lid, which will make it much easier to charge a smartphone or similar electronic device. CoolFun SC26 / SC 30 / SC 38 provide cooling levels up to 18 ° C below ambient temperature. The smallest (396 x 394 x 296 mm) has a capacity of 25 liters, and the largest (565 x 391 x 295 mm) as much as 37 liters. WAECO CoolFun SC30 and SC 38 can additionally maintain the temperature of a warm meal (heating function up to a maximum of + 65 ° C).


Waeco TropiCool

On hot days, light coolers are desirable on board every car, especially models that can be transported in the cabin of any car. At the beginning of the season, the appearance of ultra-compact refrigerators was modernized, incl. o a touch control panel and a thoroughly modern display. The latest two models of Waeco TropiCool (TCX 14 / TCX 35) guarantee a reduction in the temperature of stored products up to 30ºC below the ambient temperature. The smaller, 14-liter model is extremely light (5 kg), and the dimensions (450 x 328 x 303 mm) guarantee the location of the refrigerator, e.g. between the front seats of a van. The larger, 33-liter model weighs 10 kg (550 x 460 x 376 mm). The energy demand depends on the power source and ranges from 46 W to 64 W. The unquestionable advantage of the TCX series AC / DC thermoelectric coolers is the possibility of 230V power supply and the cooling mode and keeping heat up to + 65 ° C with small dimensions.

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