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On hot days at the campsite, you can either indulge in a carefree rest or ... curse the sun. If you prefer the former, you should simply prepare for summer. The solution may be to install air conditioning in the motorhome.

More and more people have become accustomed to the air conditioning in the car, so the discomfort in a vehicle that does not have such a facility can be all the more irritating. After all, these are not the times when it was enough to say "sorry, this is our climate".

Cool the trailer - a difficult task

However, it is worth knowing right away that cooling the caravan or motorhome is not an easy task. Air conditioners are powered by electricity, and due to the conditions in which they are used, they should save energy as much as possible. In addition, there are relatively thin walls of the caravan. If, in addition, it turns out that we have a vehicle with large windows, and the place of parking is not sheltered by trees, we must take into account that the air conditioning performance will differ from that of a car powered by an engine.

As we read in the Dometic catalog , “The purpose of motorhome air conditioners is not to combat the outside temperatures, but to reduce the additional artificial heating of the interior. The temperature level in a vehicle exposed to the sun is much higher than the temperature outside. The use of an air conditioner will significantly lower the temperature inside and improve the interior comfort by dehumidifying the air. "


This is important! Reducing air humidity is as important to our well-being as lowering the temperature. According to Dometic, at a temperature of 22 degrees Celsius and air humidity above 70%, we will feel discomfort. But if the humidity is lowered to 40-60%, then our well-being will improve significantly!

Roof or under-bench?

Dometic offers only compressor air conditioners. We can choose devices mounted in the roof window or under-bench air conditioners, most often mounted in the glove compartment or luggage space. The former can fill the entire opening, which is why roof air conditioners with a window are now particularly popular. They allow you to have two in one - on the one hand, we gain a cooling device, on the other, we do not have to give up the natural light that reaches the car or trailer through the opening in the roof.



Roof air conditioners use the law of physics according to which cold air always flows downwards. This means that you do not need to use high power to keep the cool air jets covering the entire space under the device. However, if we decide on an under-bench air conditioner, we will not have to give up the window and we will avoid increasing the height of the vehicle. Air can be distributed around the interior by means of air ducts connected to the device. Their outlets can be placed anywhere, so we can decide which part of the vehicle is best cooled.

We will write about what to consider when choosing air conditioning for a motorhome or caravan in a separate article.

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