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Appetite grows with eating. It is similar with the amenities useful at the campsite. Once we have an awning that will provide basic protection against sun or rain, we can consider that it is not enough. Additional protection can be provided by the vestibule, and various accessories will make your rest even more enjoyable.

We recently wrote about Dometic awnings, but the awning itself may not be enough if you dream of a shaded corner.

When we already have a canopy in the form of an awning, a great temptation is the possibility of additional walls that will allow you to organize additional space around the motorhome or caravan.

Thanks to the vestibule, the area in front of the entrance to the vehicle turns into a practical veranda, separated from the outside world and allowing you to spend time outdoors and indoors at the same time.

A camper with a porch

What distinguishes Dometic's awnings is the great possibility of adapting them to current needs. How much we separate ourselves from other guests at the campsite or the weather conditions outside depends only on us. So we can completely cover the window openings and doors, we can fully or partially reveal some of them, we can also use the mosquito nets installed as standard in the windows .

The door is closed with a lock , so that the "porch" can be stably closed whenever the need arises. If we do not want to see the wheels of the car, we can cover the lower part of the vehicle with an additional, optionally available material.

It is worth noting that for awnings resting on legs, different vestibules are provided than for electrically operated shutters. The structure, prepared for awnings with legs, rests on the front rail at the end of the removed blind. The side walls require clamping profiles on both sides of the awning. For awnings attached to shutters without legs, Dometic proposes the use of aluminum tension rails to replace the traditional supports.

Each Dometic vestibule is waterproof and windproof . You can handle its assembly yourself, allocating - according to the manufacturer - about 15-20 minutes for such an operation.

An alternative to the vestibule

However, if we want to spend time in a shaded place or shelter from wind or rain, we do not always have to opt for a standard vestibule. Interesting solutions from the Dometic catalog are Sun Protect and Rain Protect fronts.

We unfold the transparent, fiber-optic panel, which has no window or door openings, like a roller shutter, and then attach it to the ground on ropes (just like a tent). We can do the same on the side of the awning by installing a side panel. The material from which the Sun Protect fronts are made transmits light, but retains heat , preventing it from letting it under a roofed space.

The Rain Protect, on the other hand, is made of a wind and water-resistant material . This material is not transparent, unless we choose the DeLuxe side front , equipped with transparent plastic windows.

Among the latest Dometic solutions, we can find the Rollo + system, which can be mounted on the front rail of any awning of this brand. It is a manually operated roller blind that can be set at any height without attaching it to the ground. The roller shutter can be rolled up just as easily.

Interesting additions

The interesting accessories for the brand include the wall switch , which allows you to extend and hide the awning electrically. The important thing is that no cable is needed for the switch to work! The device uses radio waves , so it works in a similar way to a remote control. An interesting fact is that it is possible to program the position to which the awning extends.

If we want our awning to look effective, and at the same time to be even more practical, we can equip it with LED lighting and remote control . Soft light will help create a pleasant atmosphere on many summer evenings.

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