Masurian Piekiełko 2018. God's farewell to summer

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Campers, trailers, regattas, a music video and a concert on the beach - this and more happened during the 2nd Masurian Piekiełka during the rally in Masurian Ryn. Caravanning lifestyle enthusiasts gathered at Lake Rynskie from 6 to 9 September to say goodbye to summer together.

This year's second rally was attended by 32 crews with 96 people, a large part of which were motorhome users. The organizers - Elcamp Group, Stork's Nest - School of Sailing and Motorboat Sports and Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie with the great participation of the PZM Main Caravanning Committee - provided many attractions. There was a regatta, a feast, a fire and ... shooting a music video for the Taraka band.

10 on the Beaufort Scale


During this year's edition of the caravanning rally - unlike last year - the weather was beautiful. Therefore, nothing disturbed one of the greatest attractions, which was undoubtedly the regatta. The emotions were great, the more so that the first three crews received not only cups, but also awards - including Dometic refrigerators. It is worth adding that there were children in both the winning and the second team. So we are growing up to the next caravanning generation. :)

Cultural and educational mission

Participants integrated not only during sports activities, but also in the evenings - be it at a feast with the sounds of shanties or on the beach at a concert by Karol Kusa Tarak's band. It is an open secret that the band recorded a music video for the song "El Camperos" during the rally. We are waiting for results!


Children could prove themselves during the art competition "Motorhome like a fairy tale". It must be admitted that the commission had a considerable dilemma when deciding which works should be awarded. In the end, three girls were on the podium, but each participant got an award. There were also educational elements for older participants. During the rally, there were courses: motorboat, basic training in sailing knots and first aid.

Historical trail

Past travel enthusiasts could visit the castle in Ryn and the Wolf's Lair complex, i.e. the headquarters of Adolf Hitler. The castle in Ryn is now a four-star hotel with an interesting history. Built on the initiative of the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order, Winrich von Kniprode, it changed its destiny over the centuries: from a castle, through a prison, museum, community center, town hall, to the present state, i.e. a four-star hotel.


The ruins of the headquarters of the Chancellor of the Third Reich, the Wolf's Lair, make an amazing impression, especially when accompanied by the stories of the enthusiast - guide Stefan Rawski. The masked town situated in the forest had 200 buildings: shelters, barracks, a power plant, a railway station, two airports, waterworks, air-conditioning devices, heating plants, and two teletype exchanges. It was here that on July 20, 1944, Count Claus von Stauffenberg made an unsuccessful attempt on Adolf Hitler. It was here that decisions were made to build new concentration camps and use prisoners of war in the German arms industry. This is a must-see place.


Caravanning is people

II Masurian Piekiełko has gone down in history. It was wonderful people who created a wonderful atmosphere for this event - both the participants and the organizers. A lot of smile and positive energy was provided by Mariusz Trela - the "voice" of Elcamp, the commander of Masurian Piekiełek. His amazing flow during the last evening was welcomed with bursts of laughter. He also involved the marketer of his native company, Igor Kasprzycki, who had to invent live beats to replace fanfares during the award ceremony. A great motivation for novices can be the fact that the special prize - the Travel Vision antenna - was won by the state who bought their motorhome a month earlier and came to the rally on the penultimate day. As Piotr Pelka from PZM said: “Caravanning is ordinary people. And this is beautiful!".


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