Nowa Adora - brick effect "WOW"!

Nowa Adora - brick effect "WOW"! – main image

The Slovenian manufacturer is known for its innovative solutions and improvements in caravans - in recent years, both design and functionality have been raised to a completely new level, and the first look at the new Adora confirms its attractiveness and encourages you to get to know it better. The Adora caravan is one of the best-selling series - the model range includes trailers from 675 cm to 951 cm long (with drawbar), 230 to 246 cm wide and with sleeping space for up to 7 people. GVM in most models ranges from 1700-2000 kg.

Adria Adora - what's new in 2021?

The changes for the new season can certainly be described as revolutionary. First of all, attention is drawn to the unusual design - appetizing, muscular back and LED lighting that creates an amazing impression - straight from the newest "star" of Adria, the phenomenal Astella.


At the front, the creators took care of the streamline - the corners with integrated handles were dressed in a new, streamlined shape. Also striking is the huge panoramic window in the front of the roof - standard on all models in the series.

Comfort in terms of access is ensured by new, wide, double-glazed doors. The whole picture of the novelty is completed by attractive alloy wheels and Continental tires. The front locker has also been enlarged, and access to it is extremely convenient. The new, wide doors facilitate access to the interior of the caravan.

Even more practical in the interior


The curved fronts of the cabinets create a feeling of space, and the ambient lighting of the interior makes it cozier. Noteworthy is the system of rails on which you can hang various accessory containers, baskets and shelves - a good solution, although due to the (in the first contact) fragile material from which these accessories are made, their strength will have to be assessed by the end user.


The system itself, however, should work perfectly in the kitchen, bedroom and living room, because from spices, through jewelry to charged phones, we have room for various small items and things, the arrangement of which can cause a dilemma on a daily basis.

The new EVOPOR mattresses will ensure the comfort of sleep in the bedroom. Many models use a practical wardrobe panel at the entrance to the bedroom, which in the new models will not be in wood-like colors, but in a shade of gray that matches most decor.

Comfort all year round

Adora offers wide possibilities of use throughout the year - the standard Truma heating system can be replaced with the ALDE water heating , and the electric floor heating can provide additional comfort. A dedicated system for controlling the functions of the trailer via a smartphone (ADRIA Mach) is an excellent convenience - from lighting, through on-board parameters (battery charge level, water level in the tank), heating, air conditioning, refrigerator, gas level - we generally have everything under control here. The functions and scope of functionality are of course determined by the vehicle equipment.


Quality / price ratio

Adora, in terms of the price-quality ratio, after an in-depth analysis of materials and technology, is definitely at the level of the so-called "Higher shelf", that is between Astella and Alpina. It has excellent thermal insulation and most of the advantages of more expensive "sisters", and the quality of the building does not raise any objections. The price-quality ratio is very favorable, and therefore this series is an excellent proposition for users looking for above-average usability and quality at an affordable price.

The authorized representative of the ADRIA brand in Poland is ELCAMP -


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