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Coral is a series of semi-integrated motorhomes that the manufacturer places in the middle of its offer. You can even risk a statement that this "medium" model is the most typical Adria model - maybe not the most luxurious, but also not the most economical.

Slovenian Adria has been on the market for over 50 years. During this time, it has managed to gain a loyal group of dedicated users who appreciate, above all, a good value for money. However, because competitors are following Adria's heels, the manufacturer must try to surprise with new solutions.

A window full of stars

This year's Coral series is distinguished by a new body profile, as well as extra-large skylights - above the heads of the driver and passenger, and a little further, above the dining corner. Were it not for the narrow strip between them, we would be dealing with a curved glass roof extending through a large part of the vehicle. As a result, a lot of light enters the interior during the day, and at night we can observe the starry sky. However, if we are fed up with moonlight or too intense sun rays, we can use the built-in cover .

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The multimedia wall with a control panel and a touch screen that allows you to control the devices of the motorhome also looks interesting. A car can travel from 4 to 5 people, including the Isofix mount for child seats. Customers can choose between Truma, Alde and Webasto heating systems. Unfortunately, a maximum of 4 people can stay in the vehicle (3 or 4 beds are provided).

Adria Colar is available in three finishes: Axess - the basic version, Plus - the medium shelf and Supreme - the highest standard. The Supreme and Plus versions are built on the Fiat Ducato , the Axess version - on the Citroen Jumper .

Coral Axess and Plus

Adria Coral Axess seems to be a good option for those who require good quality at a moderate price. A two-liter Citroen engine with a capacity of 130 HP ensures driving comfort and allows you to save up to PLN 40,000 on excise duty . The Coral Plus , on the other hand, was built on the Fiat Ducato platform and was equipped with a 2.3-liter engine (also 130 HP).

In Axess, we have a choice of 5 different interior layouts, which differ from each other in the type of beds, the rest space and the arrangement of the kitchen. Some variants have a V-shaped kitchen . There are as many as 7 of these variants in the Plus model. The sizes of both series range from 6,683 mm to 7,503 mm .

Coral Supreme

It is a bit different with the highest version - Supreme . Here we have a choice of 5 interior layouts, but all of them are available in vehicles with a length of 7,503 mm and based on the Fiat Ducato. In these variants, we find the richest additional equipment. The Supreme has, for example, a wider entrance door (60 cm) with a mosquito net, a trash can and a central lock, and a larger skylight in the bedroom.

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Rich equipment

When choosing Adria Coral, we can choose upholstery from 5 color options. We will also find pre-installation for parking air conditioning (as well as for solar panels and a satellite dish). In addition, of course, there is LED lighting, USB sockets in the dining room and bedroom as well as 230 V and 12 V sockets.

Of course, the cab seats are rotated (in the Plus and Supreme versions they are air-seat seats), which makes it possible to comfortably eat meals, even in a larger group of people. In many arrangements, we have the option to hide the table and unfold the sofas, obtaining one more place to sleep.

Going deeper into the vehicle, you will reach the kitchen, which is spread over both parts of the car. You can't really complain about the lack of space. We find here a two- or three-burner Dometic cooker, an oven with grill , and a sink with a lid that can be separated into two parts. When it is not needed, it can be hidden in a drawer. A plus should be considered large refrigerators (142 or 167 l.).

Bathroom sizes depend on the model. In larger ones, the shower is often a separate room, so the space is slightly larger, which allows comfortable use of the cabin. Against this background, the SLT 670 models (Supreme and Plus) look interesting, with the bathroom located completely at the rear of the vehicle. A bedroom was located in front of her.

Adria Coral offers different bed types and the mattresses are thick and comfortable. In some models, we have the option of separating the bedroom from the rest of the space by closing the door. Each model has beds in the back, but most variants also have a single sleeping place in the dining area. However, there are no lowered beds.

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Wardrobes (except for the shortest versions) are located on the sides of the beds or by the showers. In addition to wardrobes, we find a whole lot of compartments, such as those under the bed. In addition, in some options, we have the option of storing valuables under the floor.

Successful series

Adria Coral is a series in which everyone will find something for themselves. It is spacious, well-designed, with a large package of "included" solutions . The intelligent arrangement of the dining and leisure space, its ingenious solutions and space, as well as nice aesthetics and attention to detail are amazing.

It is certainly worth paying attention to the Plus version, which offers a lot of configuration options. On the other hand, in Polish conditions (excise tax!), Citroen can count primarily on popularity, and this forces the choice of a more modest Axess model.

If you are planning to buy Adria, you can ask for details at the dealer of this brand - Elcamp in Krakow. It is the official partner and distributor of many global brands, including Adria.

Adria Coral - with a glass roof – image 1
Adria Coral - with a glass roof – image 2
Adria Coral - with a glass roof – image 3
Adria Coral - with a glass roof – image 4

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