Hobby Vantana - a motorhome with a mobile cabin

Hobby Vantana - a motorhome with a mobile cabin – main image

Camper manufacturers are trying to outdo each other in revealing their novelties before the summer holidays. Among the proposals of the German brand Hobby, the small Vantana model deserves special attention.

The 2015 season may be one of the most important for the caravanning market for many years. The reason is the new generation of Fiat Ducato , which is just entering the market. And as you know, the Ducato is the base for most motorhomes. Motorhome manufacturers will probably want to take advantage of this moment to also mount modernized bodies on the chassis of the modernized car.

In the case of the Hobby brand, the new Ducato was used not only to lift the offer, but also to introduce new models. Among them, for the first time, the company's offer includes a camper van, i.e. a car that, in terms of dimensions, is within the limits provided for typical vans and delivery vans. Its equipment, however, places it in the motorhome category.

Hidden shower cubicle

The Vantana model - because we are talking about it - is available in lengths of 541, 599 and 636 cm . Customers will have a choice of two color variants of the furniture and four body colors . The basis will be white varnish, but for an additional fee, metallic varnishes will also be available: silver, champagne and anthracite.

In the case of each camper van, the greatest emotions are caused by the spaciousness of the interior. The manufacturer has to work a lot to make the most of every scrap of the available space.

In Vantana, the most interesting solution seems to be a "mobile" shower cubicle . It is located in the middle of the vehicle - between the sleeping and living areas. We will recognize its existence by the shape resembling a triangle placed on the ceiling. What looks like an abstract ornament are the roller shutter door guides for the shower cubicle.

By sliding the door out, we can surround ourselves with it, thus enlarging the bathroom. I must admit that after sliding the door open, the cabin takes up a lot of space. However, when we do not use the shower, it is enough to slide the thin door into the sides of the small bathroom and the trouble is over.

What distinguishes the Vantana is also the fiberglass floor with XPS insulation . This design is to effectively protect the motorhome against condensation. The plumbing is protected against freezing.

Central control system

Vantana, like other new Hobby models, is equipped with a CI-BUS system . From the manufacturer's point of view, it is a central management system for on-board equipment. On the user's side, however, it is primarily a control panel with an LCD display .

The knob used in the panel allows you to conveniently navigate the menu. The screen displays the date, indoor and outdoor temperature, water level in the tank, and battery charge level. However, it is particularly important that the panel can also be integrated with other devices such as heating, air conditioning and an electric sunroof.

In addition, communication with the CI-Bus system can take place not only via the panel, but (for an additional fee) also via a smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi.

As befits a modern motorhome, the Vantana is equipped with USB outputs and an extensive LED lighting system. The slats were placed, among others above the upper cabinets. The small motorhome is also equipped with Blaupunkt navigation , developed especially for touring cars.

A camper, which is in fact a built-up van , also has another, interesting advantage. Well, lying on the double bed at the rear of the vehicle, you can open the rear double doors and enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains, lake or sea in such a comfortable position. You are supposed to be inside, but also somewhat outside ...

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