Warwick XL - a motorhome with an open living room

Warwick XL - a motorhome with an open living room – main image

Warwick XL is a motorhome of the British brand Auto-Sleepers. The base in this case is the Peugeot Boxer in the version with a length of 636 cm. In Great Britain, the car costs just over 49 thousand. pounds.

Warwick XL is one of the 7 variants of motorhomes based on the Boxer model. Customers can choose vehicles of various lengths and different interior layouts.

More space for two

However, it is the Warwick XL, updated for 2014, that has several distinguishing features that are particularly worth paying attention to. It is the longest model , and this gives greater opportunities for good interior design. The manufacturer used the space in an unusual way - instead of adding more beds, as its competitors would probably do, he opted for more comfort for two people.

Entering the vehicle, you will immediately appreciate that right next to the entrance there is a kitchen area consisting of a gas cooker with an oven, equipped with 3 burners. The entire device is typically "home" size. The proximity of the exit provides more space for the cook, and the close-by door makes it easier to ventilate the vehicle after intensive cooking.

There is a bathroom opposite the entrance. It's relatively spacious, at least for a van. The shower tray is in the same room as the chemical toilet, but not under the feet of the person using this facility.

To the right of the bathroom there is a wardrobe, and in front of the wardrobe - a sink and a refrigerator.

Welcome to the showroom

In the rear part of the vehicle there are two large sofas, next to which you can put a small table. At night, the sofas can become single sleeping places, or you can also turn them into a double bed . It is the living room that makes the greatest impression in this motorhome - it is really spacious.

An additional convenience is the hinged rear door . While on vacation, we can sit on sofas, taking advantage of the open space and enjoying any view of your choice.

Warm and comfortable

Interestingly, the on-board equipment is powered by LPG . A 20-liter gas tank is mounted under the floor. The car has gas heating with blowing , and the entire vehicle meets the standards for class III thermal insulation. The water tank is insulated, which allows you to use water when the outside temperature drops down to -24 degrees Celsius.

What attracts attention from the outside are large surfaces of tinted windows . They are not made of plastic, but of real glass. The glass reflects heat - both inside and outside. This means that the car does not heat up quickly, even on very sunny days, and does not lose heat when it is cool outside.

Outside the car you will find a socket for connecting the antenna and a gas outlet , e.g. for connecting the grill.

It is also worth mentioning that the Warwick XL is equipped with Al-Ko suspension with the AirTop system , which facilitates even load on the rear wheels.

Customers can choose from a variety of additional equipment options. The list of gadgets includes, among others rearview mirror which, when reverse gear is selected, turns into a screen showing the image from the rear view camera .

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