Beautiful, comfortable, elegant. Adria Astella already in Poland

Beautiful, comfortable, elegant. Adria Astella already in Poland – main image

"New quality for caravans". "A milestone, another era, another fairy tale." "The prettiest." These are just some of the comments that appeared on the profile of Elcamp RV - the official dealer of the Adria brand in Poland. All because of the delivery to Poland of Astella, an unusual caravan, which can also certainly be called a "mobile home".

Adria Astella was to have its Polish premiere during the spring Poznań Motor Show. Unfortunately, the current epidemiological situation - both in our country and throughout Europe - has strongly verified these plans. The trailer reached the Kraków branch of Elcamp with a long delay. In the meantime, information about the transfer of the fair to 2021 has appeared.

It does not change the fact that everyone who wants to can get to know the advantages of Astella personally. In the showroom, in a place of honor, a trailer is waiting for potential buyers.

Why is it so special?


First of all, due to the original, unprecedented design. According to one of the commenters, Adria "made fun of the competition" and launched a revolutionary product, ahead of what was yet to happen on the touring vehicle market. Despite the large size (the 704HP model, the smallest, 899 cm in total length and 252 cm in width), the designers managed to create a streamlined body that is simply "likeable". The colors of the caravan are a combination of gray and black, which increases the feeling that we are dealing with an elegant and unique product. At first glance, the entrance to Astella stands out. We have two double doors at our disposal, which are also large windows. It is through them that we can admire the extraordinary landscapes in the place where we are currently. The rear bedroom also makes a spectacular impression - every waking up is a guarantee of extraordinary views. Will we find such a possibility somewhere?


The impression of elegance is also intensified by LED lighting, which, in short, is the "icing on the cake" in Astella. Virtually each lamp can be controlled separately, and the view of the night outline around the entire body is remembered for a long time. Both the lighting and individual functions of Astella can be controlled using a dedicated application that communicates with the caravan via Bluetooth or WiFi. The pairing process takes a while. After that, we also have access to the quick start guide in electronic form. It's a convenient solution.

Why can Adria Astella be said to be a combination of a caravan and a mobile home?


On the one hand, we have mobility - after all, it is a trailer on two axles. On the other hand, the equipment looks more like a summer house. A gigantic workspace in the kitchen, a fridge with a freezer compartment, numerous compartments with a central lock, a microwave, an oven - this is just a foretaste of the entire specification. There is also space for a large TV, USB / 230V / antenna connectors, or a sound system that connects to our phone via Bluetooth, for example. The ALDE system is responsible for heating, so the trailer can be used all year round.

What about the tug?

The Adria Astella needs a powerful vehicle capable of pulling a vessel with a GVM of 3 tons. If we do not have a suitable vehicle, Elcamp RV offers the possibility of free (in the purchase price) Astella transport from place to place for the first year of its use. Details of this solution can be found by contacting the sales advisors of the Krakow company.

The price of the new Astella starts at around EUR 50,000 net. In this amount, we get practically everything that is possible. Details can be found by clicking HERE

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