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The analysis of the development of the recreational vehicle market for a moment indicated a reduction in the offer of cars equipped with "sleeping over the cab". The main reasons seemed to be the height (air resistance, potential damage to the skin) and the fact that they were for a long time low-budget cars, often with slightly worse parameters, less insulated and therefore not necessarily suitable for all-year use, forgotten by many in the works development.

Indeed, many manufacturers present in this segment have either limited or, at best, ceased the development of this type of motorhomes. However, as we know, the market hates a vacuum. The alcoves were and continue to be very popular among rental companies, but they are also a great solution for families - both small ones who are looking for short and manoeuvrable vehicles with a large living space, as well as those with many children and many generations who need to take on board and provide accommodation. at least 6 people.

After the takeover of Slovenian Adria by Trigano, the young brand SunLiving was annexed in a way. Although it may be associated with the "budget" version of Adria, the same address, development department and technical facilities reveal that there is no question of saving on quality or components. It is with great pleasure that we present here a range of well-thought-out, refined motorhomes with alcove-type structures from this manufacturer.

SunLiving A series - 4 models for everyone


In the segment we focus on today, the SunLiving brand has a rich offer, as many as 4 different designs for different target groups and applications. All of them are powered by the same base vehicle - Fiat Ducato in the latest version, powered by 2.2-liter diesel units with up to 160 horsepower (option). The floor plate and the suspension in light or heavy variants allow to adjust the configuration to the required total weight.

Common features of all models are the 200x150 cm bed above the cab (folds up when not in use), 90/110 liter clean water tanks and a heated gray water tank with a capacity of 85 liters. In addition, we have a Truma Combi 4 heating with hot air supply with a CP PLUS control panel and a 3-burner stove (there are 2 gas cylinders of 11 liters on board). The factory battery capacity is 100Ah.

The height of all vehicles is 309 cm and the inside height is 210 cm. The capacity of the luggage compartment / garage in the rear is impressive, regardless of the model - we can easily fit bikes here, and we can even charge the electric ones thanks to the standard sockets. An important factor influencing the comfort of use is also the floor - equal along the entire length of the vehicle - few manufacturers decide to perform such a treatment in this category of cars. In practice, this means no onerous threshold between the residential building and the cockpit.

Motorhomes for small and large families


SunLiving A60SP is a compact proposition with a length of 599 cm with 4 places for driving and 5 places to sleep (additional space of 180x95 cm is obtained after folding the front table and sofa). At the back there is a double bed with dimensions of 210x130 cm placed transversely.

We get a fully functional lounge after turning the driver and passenger seats. This model also includes an absorption fridge-freezer with a capacity of 100 liters and a sanitary module including a shower, washbasin and toilet. A very interesting solution offered only here is a folding seat located on the right side of the entrance. This means that 5 adults will comfortably sit at the table. When the "extra bed" is not needed, it can be conveniently hidden without taking up space.

The compactness of the structure and development, while providing a large living space, makes this model a really interesting proposition. The weight of the vehicle in running order amounts to approx. 2,890 kg, which leaves sufficient reserves for a family of 4 wishing to "fit" in the GVM limit of 3,500 kg.


The A70DK is one meter longer than its predecessor (699 cm) and has a separate dining area consisting of 2 double sofas placed opposite each other with a large table in the middle. Additional passengers will also find space on these sofas. As standard (i.e. with a factory GVM of 3500 kg), the car is approved for 4 people. According to the manufacturer's data, approval for 6 people is possible above a GVM of 3650 kg.

From this model upwards, the capacity of the fridge-freezer is just over 140 l. The mini-dining corner to the right of the entrance allows us to conjure up an additional bed, ie the seventh sleeping place on board (180 x 65 cm). The rear bunk beds measure 210 x 85 cm.


The longest in the A series are those with the model designation A75, each measuring 739 cm in length and 3100 kg in running order.

In the A75DP model with a transverse rear bed and a large living / dining room with 2 face-to-face sofas, approval is possible for 6 passengers (standard 4 seats). We can find the same number of sleeping places here. The integrated sanitary module has a hinged folding wall that allows you to separate the shower from the toilet and washbasin while showering.

The A75SL is an extremely practical model with a layout characteristic for semi-integrated and integrated cars. As standard, there are 4 seats with seat belts, and when the DMC is raised, even up to 5 seats. Rear single beds that can be joined together will be suitable even for tall people (dimensions of each of them are 210x75 cm). We have a separate shower on one side and a toilet with a washbasin on the other, a fully equipped kitchen and a living room, which consists of a comfortable sofa with a table and swivel seats for the driver and passenger. The side seat can be turned over and this is where the optional fifth passenger will find a place.

Bright and modern colors and decent buildings with walls and a roof made of laminate filled with XPS foam with a thickness of 31 mm are arguments proving the brand's pedigree. The body of the base car can be white, gray or black, as well as the color accents on the body itself. The body lines are modern and make a dynamic impression.

More information on available vehicles, configurations as well as available chassis variants and DMC will be provided by experts from the ELCAMP Group, the exclusive representative of ADRIA MOBIL and SUNLIVING in Poland. The company is also an authorized service center for both brands.
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