We have seen the news of the Adria brand!

We have seen the news of the Adria brand! – main image

During this year's Caravan Salon in Düsseldrof, the stand of the Slovenian brand Adria is exceptionally rich.

On several hundred square meters of the exhibition space, we can see (premiere!) The latest models of motorhomes (Matrix, Coral) and caravans (Adora). Adria is one of the most popular brands on the Polish market, so it is even more worth taking a closer look at the new products prepared for the 2021 season. There are a lot of these.

New Adora

Do you remember the real hit, a trailer that was ahead of its time? Of course, we are talking about the unique Astella, which has already found several owners on the Polish market. What can scare a potential customer away? Price starting from 55,000 euros. The manufacturer, however, found a remedy for this problem. The new Adora resembles the unique Astella with its design. There is a new, very aerodynamic shape, a modern rear wall with new LED lights and modified handles to help with maneuvering. The changes also included the front of the caravan. The locker, in which we can find a place for gas cylinders, looks different. The front window also looks completely different - large, wide, with the possibility of full opening so that you can admire exceptional views during trips.

“A lot has changed inside as well. Privately, I am a huge fan of new countertops, which we can find, among others . in the kitchenette. They are aesthetic, and at the same time their surface is so durable that we should not be afraid of scratching them, ”explains Aleksandra Tyrawska, sales specialist for new motorhomes at Elcamp RV, the official dealer of the Adria brand in Poland.

The lighting was also modified. Now, small, point LEDs can be moved along a special rail and illuminate places where we particularly care. This is another solution borrowed from Astella. Similar slats were used in the context of small accessories that can be easily moved between the kitchenette and the bedroom. We are talking about, for example, material "pockets" for small items - telephones, chargers, documents.


On board the new Adora, we will find everything that is necessary for a daily stay at the campsite.

“Spacious kitchenette with a large work space. There is also a gas cooker, a stainless steel sink and a large fridge that can hold supplies for the whole family. Customers can choose from several different floor layouts, individual models also differ in the permissible total weight. So the choice is considerable ”- adds our interlocutor.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the price of the new trailer. At the German trade fair, the 522 UP chip was offered at a basic price of about 23,000 euros. It is several thousand less than the aforementioned Astella.

Matrix in the "Supreme" version

At Caravan Salon 2020, we could also see a modified Matrix, a semi-integrated motorhome based on the Fiat Ducato. Its base price is EUR 73,000. A lot of? This is true, but we get a lot for this amount. First of all, the appearance of the vehicle itself. We are not dealing here with a standard white motorhome. The manufacturer broke this trend by adding a little silver color. There were also black stickers that make the whole body dynamic. As in the case of Adora, here we also deal with a modern look of the rear wall, LED lights were also added. Noteworthy is the garage, which in the presented 670 SL model was really large. The "Supreme" version is also an additional, widened entrance step, making it easier to get into the cab.


This is not the end of changes. The entrance door is wide, and there is also a small, portable trash can hanging on it. A trifle, but how useful in everyday life. The biggest change, however, is in the roof structure. The manufacturer added an additional, opening panoramic window that allows a gigantic amount of light into the interior. In this way, the living room seems even more spacious, and the dark upholstery does not interfere with anything. During the configuration of the motorhome, we can play with different colors, while not worrying about the fact that inside we will feel like in a cage.

Coral Plus

In addition to the already described Matrix, we could see (also for the premiere!) The new Coral in the "Plus" version. It is also a semi-integrated Fiat-based one, but in a more economical version. The price of the model presented in Germany was 71,521 euro - after retrofitting with most of the amenities and packages.


What changed? Once inside, our eyes will turn upward. There we will see a new panoramic window with an additional curtain and a mosquito net. A dozen or so centimeters lower we find hanging cabinets - also with a new look, solid, with a decent opening and closing mechanism. The upholstery was still dark, but the furniture fronts were lightened up. The result is a contrasting combination that is both warm and elegant.

In Coralu you will find a new panel in the shower cabin. It is - for a 7.5 meter long vehicle - very spacious. An adult person will fit there without any problem.

Open the roof - Twin Sports

The last novelty, shown at the German Caravan Salon, was the Adria Twin Sports 640 SGX camper van. It is based on Fiat Ducato. Under the hood, there is a 2.3-liter unit with 120 horsepower (standard). The price of this model starts at 49,713 euros.

In the middle of the 636 cm long vehicle you will find two sleeping places with the option of extending it by three more. Each of them is 180 to 195 cm long. When ready to go, the entire motorhome weighs about 3080 kg, but we can extend the GVW up to 4000 kg.


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