Elcamp at the Poznań Motor Show 2018

Elcamp at the Poznań Motor Show 2018 – main image

One of the most interesting novelties at the upcoming Poznań Motor Show may be the Westfalia Amundsen 540D Offroad. The off-road motorhome will be available at the Elcamp stand.

Caravanning enthusiasts will surely start their tour from the halls in which campers, caravans and camping equipment are presented. Like the falcon of the victim, we look for new things. And here the first swallows appear;).

Offroading and caravanning are joining forces

Well, the Elcamp group, which has recently expanded its cooperation with Westphalia, will show the Amundsen 540D Offroad model, which means that enthusiasts of year-round trips and stationing off the beaten track will finally find something for themselves. It is worth adding that Elcamp will offer this model as the only dealer in Poland.


The Amundsen 540D Offroad, presented last year at the Dusseldorf fair, was very well received. It stands out from other motorhomes as it is multitasking and has an attractive appearance. The vehicle is equipped with a permanent 4x4 drive and a differential lock , which is a real rarity on the caravanning market. We can drive it practically to any place we choose to relax. At the same time, the car provides comfort and convenience, as in a typical motorhome.

The off-road version of Westphalia is built on the basis of Fiat Ducato. The vehicle is only 5.41 meters long , but the body was modernized, which now has an off-road and even a bit military look. We can travel boldly in 4 people, but the vehicle has only 3 sleeping places (2 + 1).

Four new models

But the Westfalia 540D Offroad is not all that Elcamp wants to interest us. Since the Globe-Traveler Voyager Z won the prestigious "Best in show" award at the Stockholm exhibition in 2017, the team, encouraged by its success, continued to work on the development of its offer. The result is 4 refreshed models that Globe-Traveler will present in Poznań: Active ZS, Pathfinder Z, Rookie and Voyager XS .

It is worth paying attention to the Voyager XS, as it is a smaller version of the model awarded in Stockholm. In addition to its own brand (Globe-Traveler), the Elcamp Group sells Adria models on the Polish market. The dealer will present us a functional motorhome, perfect for family trips - Adria Matrix Axess 600 SC .

The store in the new version

The Elcamp and Globe-Traveler exposition at the Poznań Motorshow 2018 will be available in hall 15 at stand no. 5. During the Poznań fair, the premiere of the modernized caravanning parts and accessories store will also take place: www.sklep.elcamp.pl .

Therefore, on the post-holiday weekend, we are starting preparations for the season by visiting the Poznań Motor Show 2018. It is a great opportunity to extend the family Easter holidays.

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