Carado T 339 - the modest brother of Hymera

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Carado is, in a sense, Hymer for the people, i.e. a motorhome for customers looking for the best value for money. But the lower price doesn't come out of nowhere. In this case, the manufacturer did not want to save on equipment, so he had to keep the traditional, cheaper design.

Carado T 339 is one of the many variants of the semi-integrated motorhome based - of course - on the Fiat Ducato. The distinguishing feature of this version is the length of 699 cm and the double bed in the "king size" size . At a price that in Germany is less than 40 thousand. euro , we can buy quite a large motorhome with a comfortable bed.

Where's the catch? In construction. The camping part has a traditional plywood construction . This means that the owner will have to regularly check the condition of the floor and walls as the wood is sensitive to moisture. Only the roof is made of modern GRP material.

Traditional design, however, can take revenge after at least 10-15 years, and this is mainly when the owner does not take good care of the car. In everyday use, the equipment is much more important, and here it is at least not bad.

Lots of good

Let's start with the pluses. The bed at the end of the motorhome is 195 cm long . The width is also not small, as much as 178 cm. What may come as a surprise in this class is the fact that the manufacturer has installed a door between the day and night areas . In addition, the shower cubicle is separate from the toilet area. By closing the door from the living area, the bathroom and shower area will be connected to a quite spacious room (two mirrors are an additional advantage).

There is also no shortage of storage space. The lockers can be found, among others in the base of the bed, on the sides of the bed, above the bed, and even in the floor in front of it (you can hide, for example, shoes there). Deep cabinets are also available in the kitchen (above and below the countertop). Even the side seat to the right of the entrance has been used for storage from below. The shelves are also above the heads of the driver and passenger, although it is better not to carry anything there while driving.

Carado also gets a big plus for lighting . The motorhome is bright not only because the traditional lamps are richly supplemented with LED strips, but also thanks to the sunroof in the middle of the vehicle, especially thanks to the large window above the heads of the driver and passenger .

The advantages include the equipment - it may not surprise you with anything, but it also does not differ from decent standards. The refrigerator can be 113 or 167 liters . Heating is provided by the powerful Truma system (6000 W). As standard, we will get a 112-liter clean water tank , a 10-liter boiler, a 92-liter gray water tank and an 18-liter container for "heavier" sewage. Tank insulation requires an additional charge.

The gross vehicle weight is 3.495 kg , but can optionally be increased to 3.850 kg.

… And some painful compromises

Unfortunately, the Carado T 339 also has disadvantages. Although it apparently offers a lot, it comes with some compromises. Take the bed itself, for example. It's big and probably comfortable, but there's very little space around it, sometimes you even have to squeeze through.

The L-shaped kitchen is quite practical, but the cooking space is tragically scarce . Apart from three burners and a sink, there is practically no worktop.


The dining table can be extended by 20 centimeters. But even then, the person sitting in the inverted passenger seat will have a problem reaching the table top. Likewise, the person sitting on the side seat.

As the manufacturer's excuse, it can be said that this motorhome was designed for two, maximum three people , so five seats should be treated as an emergency, in case of nice acquaintances made during your stay at the campsite. And when the atmosphere is nice, you can turn a blind eye to minor inconveniences.

If we insisted, we would find a few more minor disadvantages, e.g. gas cylinders were placed one after the other (it means poor access to the one placed in the back) or protruding guides of the front seats ... premium class .

But the manufacturer has never placed it in this class, so we cannot blame it. Certainly, even with the aforementioned reservations, this model will meet the expectations of users with moderately high expectations, and for such

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