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Thanks to the extremely successful participation in the Caravan Salon 2019 in Düsseldorf, Hobby is looking forward to the caravanning season 2020.

During the largest caravanning fair in Germany, manufacturers show their new products for the next season. The Hobby brand has reasons to be pleased.

Among the motorhomes, two new car models were very well received: the Optima Ontour and the Optima Ontour Edition . In the caravan segment, the public responded positively to two family models from the Prestige range - 560 FC and 720 WQC.

The new series of Hobby motorhomes

In hall 9, Optima Ontour motorhomes , which were presented for the first time, aroused great interest. Modern interiors combined with an all-inclusive package and a very good price-quality ratio have stolen the hearts of many visitors to the fair.


With the new Optima series, Ontour Hobby is expanding its portfolio in the segment of standard semi-integrated cars. The offer includes four layouts: T65 FL with one double bed, T65 HFL with one pull-down bed and one double bed, and T65 GE - with two single beds. A novelty in the offer is the T65 HKM model, which additionally has a bunk bed and a comfortable folding bed. In this family configuration, the car can comfortably accommodate up to six people.


Hobby also showed the offer of campervans - Optima Ontour Edition with the V65 GE and V65 GF models. The V65 GQ layout prepared for the 2020 season, despite its small external dimensions, provides a spacious sleeping area. Thanks to the island bed with adjustable position, we have additional storage space.

Spacious Prestige caravans

One of the company's strengths is developing the concept of intelligent caravans with plenty of space for a truly homely atmosphere.


The two new Prestige chips are further proof of this. The 560 FC model is equipped with a large double bed. In turn, the 720 WQC model has a large sliding island bed and a spacious bathroom. Both layouts also include a modern L-shaped kitchen with plenty of space for cooking and storage. The huge seating area at the front of the vehicle, which can accommodate up to eight people, is really cozy.


In addition, the Hobby stand offered jackets, shirts and vests with the company's logo, as well as a number of accessories. In the near future, Hobby's offer will be available at trade fairs in Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and France. During these events, the company will once again showcase its innovations and broad product portfolio.

And who would like to see the caravans and motorhomes of the German manufacturer in Poland, should visit the CarGO company, which deals, among others, with sale of new and used motorhomes and caravans. In the near future, the CarGO company will present selected models of Hobby trailers at the Caravans Salon fair in Poznań (September 20-22, 219) and during the Camper & Caravan Show in Nadarzyn (October 18-20, 219).

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