Family motorhome with an alcove by Pilote

Family motorhome with an alcove by Pilote – main image

The Pilote C700G motorhome belongs to the Family series (fr. Familiale). Two other models belong to the same series, differing in the types of beds used. However, as the name suggests, all of them were created to meet the needs of a traveling family.

Campers with an alcove are vehicles with a raised roof, in which a place to sleep is placed in a special recess between the ceiling and the driver's cabin. And while it might seem that in the times when drop-down beds can be used without raising the roof, the alcove will become a thing of the past, it is not. The important reason is the price - a model with an alcove can usually be bought cheaper than an analogous "low-profile" motorhome.

A motorhome for six people

The 2018 Pilote C700G has 6 sleeping places and 6 driving places - an important change, as the older models only had 5 seats equipped with seat belts.

Two places were placed in the alcove. The second double bed is mounted across the vehicle and is placed at the rear of the motorhome. Two additional places to sleep can be obtained by "rearranging" the dining corner.


Entering the motorhome, on the left side you will see a kitchen area - a sink, a 2-burner stove and a 149-liter fridge . Further on is a wardrobe and behind it is a bed. The kitchen has a simple layout, without the so-called "L letters". On the opposite side, the manufacturer has located a bathroom with a relatively large paddling pool, toilet and washbasin.

Large storage space, but ...

What you cannot see when looking at the interior layout on the graphics is a spacious trunk (the so-called garage), which is located under the rear bed. It has a capacity of 3200 liters . The manufacturer claims that folding chairs, a table and even a bicycle or scooter will fit successfully there.

However, the standard load capacity of the vehicle is not high and amounts to only 590 kg . With six travelers, less than 100 kg per person (including luggage).


Speaking of technical data, the length of the C700G model is 6.98 m , and the width is 2.3 m. In the basic configuration, the car is equipped with a 130 HP Ducato engine with a capacity of 2.3 liters.

Decent standard - more for an extra charge

The standard equipment includes, among others Truma Combi 4 heating with gas boiler (4000 W power), battery charger (18 A), auxiliary battery (105 Ah), panoramic sunroof (700 x 500 mm), double USB socket, and manual air conditioning (in the driver's cabin).

Of course, for an additional fee, we can have much more, incl. more powerful engine (150 or 180 HP), enlarged fuel tank, additional security systems (ASR + ESP), reversing camera, Truma 6 heating (6000 W), anti-freezing tank for sewage, oven with grill , satellite dish, or gel batteries.

We can also increase the permissible total weight of the vehicle and thus increase the load capacity - but then we must be aware that a driving license for a passenger car is no longer enough for us.


The twin model Pilote C700S is also noteworthy, which differs from the C700G mainly by two beds arranged in bunks (instead of a double bed in the back).

Used "on the spot"

At the time of writing this text, the C700G camper was immediately available from Car-GO. The model from 2016, with a mileage of less than 38 thousand. km was estimated at 209 thousand. PLN net (negotiable). The motorhome is equipped with a basic engine, and its permissible total weight is 3.5 tons.

It is worth paying attention to the rich equipment of this vehicle, including cruise control, air conditioning in the living area , TV, solar panels, bicycle rack and an external awning. The full specification can be found at: .

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