New products in the Pilote 2020 group - check what has changed!

New products in the Pilote 2020 group - check what has changed! – main image

The French brand of Pilote motorhomes has been operating on the European market since exactly 1978. This is enough time to be able to describe your products as extremely refined. Time, however, inexorably passes, customer expectations are changing, so Pilote follows these changes. Day salons in a "face-to-face" arrangement, new models or an upgrade of the current standard are only a part of all planned activities for the 2020 season.

Face to face

It is not a novelty (the solution was introduced in 2019), but it was so warmly received by customers that it is also continued in the 2020 season. It is a face-to-face living room, which can be found in vehicles with the "FC" series.


What does this solution give you? First of all, each of the crew members sits at a common table seeing each other. This makes it easier to eat meals together or have fun in the evening with a glass of good wine. The layout with such a living room also means much more space in the corridors where we move.

There is so much space that two or even three adults will miss each other without any problem. It is also worth paying attention to easier access to the cab. This system will also be perfect as a mobile office during business trips or remote work.

Ah, this space

The new model of the semi-integrated Pilote P696D motorhome fits perfectly into the "face-to-face" concept. This model combines a small body of the vehicle from the outside and spaciousness inside - it does not have a standard bed, it is only lowered from the ceiling.


The living area is the most important part of it. We have two large, wide sofas, front swivel armchairs and a folding table in the middle. At the same time, access to a cab, a large kitchenette or a refrigerator is not a problem. Importantly, the total length of the vehicle does not exceed 7 meters.

Okay, but what about the bedroom, bathroom?

Let's start with the first one. It only takes a few moments to create a sleeping place for two people from the aforementioned living room. The next two will sleep in the electric bed, also in the front of the vehicle. In this way, in P696D we will not find a classic bedroom, but in a few moments we will create two large, bunk beds. A great solution.

The Golden mean


The brand's offer also includes a new model of a fully integrated motorhome . We are talking about the G720FC , which, like the predecessors described in this article, also has a face-to-face lounge and offers a lot of space in the common, living area.

Here, however, a classic bedroom was used, so in the back there will be a giant, double "island" bed waiting for us. Each traveler will also receive their own wardrobe - one on each side of the bed.

Interestingly, the new model is ... 725 cm long, so it is an ideal choice for those who are wondering whether to choose a 7-meter vehicle or even 7.5 m. You can move it with only a category "B" driving license and for luggage , accessories and crew, we will have approximately 510 kilograms left. Truma Combi in the latest, sixth version is responsible for heating, and the entire crew will accumulate supplies for up to a few days thanks to a 138-liter refrigerator.

The power of details

Pilote also decided to upgrade all its motorhomes . And so here the version of "Sensation" that was popular in 2019 is now called "Essentiel".


For example: the G720FC , the integrated from the previous paragraph, can be retrofitted with a "chassis" package, improving comfort and energy. For this wood finish, "media" package, leather upholstery, full preparation for the installation of TV / sat.

The brand has also gently changed the colors of the furniture. The previous option "Nussbaum" has been replaced by "Aspen". The upper cabinets, on the other hand, have a self-closing system. Designers completely abandoned door handles. There were also new LED lighting systems, new reading lamps in the bedroom ... Phew, there are really a lot of small changes.

Obviously, the new Pilote motorhomes are already built on the new Fiat Ducato chassis with a modernized power unit and a "automatic" designed from scratch. It is the combination of a 140 HP engine and an automatic gearbox that is the most popular among customers of this brand.

We would like to remind you that PILOTE motorhomes are available for sale from the general importer of this brand, i.e. the CarGO company from Poznań .

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New products in the Pilote 2020 group - check what has changed! – image 1
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