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campervan Karmann Duncan 495

The new Duncan is just apparently another multifunctional van that combines the functionality of an everyday car, a camper and a transporter, which are many on the market. It comes in two versions with a short and long wheelbase, and the lengths are 497 (Duncan 495) or 534 cm (Duncan 535). The list of compact vans published by Promobil magazine hailed the 495 as the winner in the entire segment. Taking into account a number of specific and objective criteria defined by the editors, it can be stated with certainty that this is a really successful proposal. Today we take a look at both models and their equipment.

Advantages of a campervan

In the era of rising maintenance costs of "full-size" motorhomes used for several months a year, a growing interest in universal "little ones" is noticeable. Ultra-compactness is a trend that will probably stay with us for longer. There are many ways to arrange a small space of the Ford Transit Custom on the market, but Karmann did not have to learn anything while constructing Duncan motorhomes. The company has been on the market for decades and relies on proven solutions, verified by customers.

Karmann Duncan 495 vs. 535

The curb weight of the shorter version ranges from 2,498 kg (model 495) to 2,589 kg (model 535), while the GVW of both is 3,000 kg (series) or 3,200 kg (option). The outer height and width are identical, and they are 208 cm. The clean water tank holds 50 liters (495) or 40 liters (535), and the gray water tank holds 30 liters on both models. The battery in the living area is 75 Ah. There is space for a gas cartridge with a capacity of 2.75 kg on board. The capacity of the refrigerator is 42 liters, including the freezer.

In the smaller Duncan, behind the driver's seat, we find a series of kitchens and cabinets - everything is perfectly organized and easily accessible. In the rear right corner there is a couch on rails and a table in front of it. The layout of the bigger brother looks a bit different - the couch and the table are located right behind the driver's seat, and in the rear corners on opposite sides we have a kitchen on the right, and a refrigerator and a bathroom on the left. The bathroom is equipped with a practical toilet, washbasin and cabinets - in the class of such compact vehicles, this arrangement is very interesting. Heating with 2 kW diesel fuel is an option on the 495 model and standard on the 535 (including water heating).

Both models are equipped with 5 seats and 4 sleeping places. Two people will sleep comfortably in the sleeping roof (bed dimensions are 120x200 cm). We will prepare two additional seats in the place of the passenger seat at the rear of the vehicle (after unfolding 187 x 114 cm). The height inside the vehicles is 140 cm, but thanks to the raised roof, you can move freely inside (we gain as much as 200 cm of clearance from the ceiling to the floor). Access to the passenger compartment is provided by a sliding door on the right side of the vehicle.

What do we get as standard?

Duncan highlights:

  • Base - Ford Transit Custom
  • 2-liter EcoBlue engine with 105 HP (optional 130 or 170 HP)
  • Cruise control
  • Steering wheel with leather cover
  • 70 l fuel tank
  • Painted side moldings
  • Metal applications on the front and back
  • LED daytime running lights
  • Blackout blinds (including rear window)
  • Sliding door with a window (right)
  • Driver seat with height adjustment and armrest
  • 42 l fridge with freezer
  • Thermo-insulating glass packages
  • Sleeper roof
  • Disc springs under the mattress in the sleeping roof
  • 2-burner stove + sink
  • sturdy storage cabinets
  • Camping table, modular for hanging or setting up
  • 4 USB ports, 3 230V sockets and 12V sockets

The Karmann Duncan is at the forefront of the ultra-compact multi-purpose vehicle segment. It is not a cheap proposition, but taking into account the excellent quality of the construction and low loss of value at resale, it is a reliable investment for years.

ACK Group - the official representative of the Karmann brand in Poland

The official representative of the Karmann brand is ACK Benimar Polska from Kędzierzyn-Koźle.

campervan Karmann Duncan 535
campervan Karmann Duncan 535
campervan Karmann Duncan 535
campervan Karmann Duncan 535
This article was prepared in cooperation with ACK Benimar
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