Hymer Center Pomorze is already operational!

Hymer Center Pomorze is already operational! – main image

On Tuesday, May 23, 2023, in Kębłów, Pomerania, the first guests and customers were welcomed by a new place on the caravanning map of Poland - Hymer Center Pomorze . It is unusual not only because of the portfolio of brands present here, but also because of its ambitious development plans and great location.

A place that has never been in Pomerania…

Adam Oleszczuk , who as the director of the showroom is responsible for building a strong Hymer Center Pomorze brand, has 10 years of service experience in the recreational vehicle industry. When asked about the justification for this and not another location, he replies:

“There were several factors that contributed to the choice of this place. We wanted our center to be located close to a large agglomeration. We even thought about the Tri-City, but for several reasons it turned out to be unrealistic. The choice fell on Kębłowo - the proximity of the S-ka and expressways connecting the region, combined with the existing infrastructure, determined the decision. We have a plot of 7,000 m2, a showroom and offices, as well as service facilities allowing for the simultaneous operation of 3 full-size recreational vehicles.”

The proximity of the Hel Peninsula, the undisputed caravanning "mecca", is indeed an important argument. On the map of Poland, Pomerania is an important region in the context of caravanning, which is confirmed by the dynamic development of camping infrastructure and recreational vehicle service points.

What will the center do and what are the plans for the near future?

“In addition to the sale of new vehicles, the offer will of course also include used vehicles of various brands, as well as a wide range of accessories and equipment. Next year we will already have a fleet of cars available for rent. The key element of our offer is to be a professional and comprehensive service - we realize that for many of our customers the most important thing is the certainty that when buying a vehicle from us, they will be able to focus on rest and enjoyment of this form of recreation, and not on service and technical intricacies. " – adds Oleszczuk .

Exclusive Erwin Hymer Group brands

The agreement with the Erwin Hymer Group provides for the exclusivity of brands from this group when it comes to brand new vehicles offered. EHG consists of the leading manufacturers of caravans and motorhomes in Europe, each of which has a different philosophy and product policy.

In Hymer Center Pomorze, not one, not two, but FIVE eminent brands of the concern are represented under one roof. HYMER, Bürstner, Carado, LMC and ERIBA are real icons in the caravanning industry that need no introduction.

But why so many pearls in the offer of one dealer?

“When deciding on the scope of cooperation, we based our experience with Monika Zawilińska, our long-term business partner. Together with her, we develop our brands on the capital market, where she is responsible for the Warsaw Caravanning Center. We value her contribution to the development of our brands and we trust her fully. We have high hopes for the Polish market, and the facility we are witnessing is an important step in building the image of the entire Erwin Hymer group in Poland.” says Rudi Fimpel (Head of Dealer Network Development at EHG) .

Accessories, service and big plans

Of course, in addition to new vehicles of the above-mentioned brands, the showroom offers a wide range of accessories and equipment. An important element of the offer is the range of EGOE products, of which Hymer Center Pomorze is an authorized distributor . They allow you to create a full-fledged and functional motorhome in the blink of an eye from almost any type of Van/Suv.

“We are starting with a team of 3 people who will build and develop this great place. We are recruiting for new positions. The key for us is professional handling of the sales process, but also after-sales service. For both our friends in the Erwin Hymer group and for us, service is a key aspect that is largely decisive for success. I am glad that we can build this place together with people with experience and great potential.” Monika Zawilińska (president of the MCC company, which also owns the Warsaw Caravanning Center ) tells us.

Adam Oleszczuk adds - “For us, this year is primarily a time of intensified marketing and image-building activities. We will be involved in a number of sports events and exhibitions in the summer, and over time, of course, we will also be visible at national fairs, after all, the area of our activity is to cover the entire country. We want to be associated with activity and we are ready for the challenges that await us.”

Among the guests there were individual customers, rental companies, representatives of suppliers and delegations from the headquarters of Erwin Hymer Group . The opening of the new center was an excellent opportunity to discuss and exchange observations on the situation in the industry and plans for the future.

The salon is located in Kębłów at ul. Wejherowska 30. More information about the offer at www.hymercenter.pl .

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