Adria Adora 673PK - a trailer for a large family

Adria Adora 673PK - a trailer for a large family – main image

Recently, at one of the Adria trade partners we visited, we had the opportunity to see the new Adora 573 PT model and it made a great impression on us. Today we are taking a closer look at the bigger sister of this model, the 673PK. Its total length is an impressive 876 cm, with the buildings being 740 cm long and 246 cm wide (at 261 cm high).

Adora - common features


Within the Adora series of caravans, we can find many models for different needs, but with many common features. The rear looks phenomenal - the tasteful design and modern line at the rear together with attractive road lights make a big impression. The completely redesigned front end and aerodynamic deflectors at the front work well with the central, huge panoramic window . There is also a very comfortable, wide entrance door with an integrated litter bin.

Adora 673 PK - for 7 travelers


An interesting fact is that the caravan has two wide entrance doors - at the front and at the rear, and both parts are separated by a bathroom with a separate shower cubicle, partitioned on both sides by a door. Regardless of which door we decide to cross the thresholds of the new Adora, we will be welcomed by the feeling of an amazing space. In the front, to the right of the entrance, a huge king-size bed (200x140 cm) is located, and above it, the above-mentioned panoramic window perfectly illuminates the interior and additionally optically enlarges the living space .

Every available space for lockers and wardrobes was used brilliantly - in front of the bed we have 2 lockers with flaps that can accommodate even bedding, and on the side a two-story wardrobe for clothes. The kitchen block has an integrated cargo drawer , spacious drawers and a large refrigerator. Ergonomics is the key word that was the leitmotif for designers - you can see it with the naked eye. Opposite the kitchen is a comfortable living room with a bedside function for 2 people (217x110 cm). A centrally located, separate bathroom is a large-sized bathing room, as we know it from integrated premium motorhomes - a separate shower cubicle and a toilet with a folding washbasin are a convenient and practical solution. When using the bathroom, e.g. at night, we have access to it separately from each sleeping zone.

The back of the caravan is ideal for children - a single bunk bed (203x77 cm) and a sofa with a sleeping function for 2 people underneath it is a space for fun and relaxation. There is also a TV holder to the left of the entrance. Also in this part of the trailer you will find spacious wardrobes and easily accessible storage spaces under the beds.

Adria 673 PK - year-round travel companion


The Adria brand is known for the construction of trailers for every season of the year. In addition to the excellent insulation (the layer in the floor and walls is 29 mm), the new Adora deck includes the Truma 6 gas heating with the CP Plus iNet Ready panel (optional gas-electric Truma 6E). For extreme conditions, it is worth considering the selection of the ALDE Compact 3000 water heater, which also has a number of additional functions related to the vehicle's electrical system (winter operation, battery charging system). In terms of equipment, it is worth paying attention to refined lighting and power solutions (light scenes in the living room and bedrooms, reading spots, USB and 230V sockets where we need them). We will configure the interior according to our expectations, with 4 variants of upholstery at our disposal - from "warm" to ultra-modern, we have a full spectrum of choice here.

Adria Adora - a family caravan


The new Adora 673 PK is by all means extraordinary - two doors and a division into 2 residential zones separated by a bathroom are not everything. We can order the trailer on a single-axle or two-axle frame - the curb weight is 1785 or 1820 kg, respectively. The GVM is 2,000 to even 2,500 kg. When choosing the variant with 2 axles, we have to provide a suitably strong tug, but we gain much better traction properties and substantial loading reserves (spectacular 700 kg). This is of great importance both in the context of luggage (vestibule, tourist furniture, grill, toys), and possibly additional equipment, such as a roof air conditioner, additional batteries, photovoltaics, bicycle rack or awning. It is also worth emphasizing that under the front bed there is a huge luggage space, to which we gain convenient access on both sides of the caravan through the service hatches. A similar storage box is available on the left rear of the trailer.

The official representative of the Adria brand in Poland is Elcamp RV from Krakow. The company runs both a showroom and an authorized Adria brand service center.

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