CR-1 Carbon - a trailer that has never been before

CR-1 Carbon - a trailer that has never been before – main image

Luxurious? This is an understatement. This caravan is absolutely unique, and this is evidenced not only by its equipment and unimaginable price. The biggest novelty is the design - for the first time such a large vehicle was made of carbon fiber.

Americans like to surprise by building things even bigger and more innovative than anyone else. The CR-1 Carbon trailer, developed by Global Caravan Technologies, is the best example of this.

Carbon fiber trailer

The key word in this case is "carbon". The CR-1 trailer would probably not be such a sensation if it was a small trailer. Here, however, we are talking about a vehicle that measures over 10 meters ! How to produce carbon fiber walls and a roof, developing the material to such monstrous dimensions, remains a company secret for the time being.

The most important is the effect of a trailer weighing only 2.7 tons ! If it were made using traditional technology, it would weigh at least twice as much. The surprisingly low weight will have an impact on how the caravan will handle, but most of all it will dramatically reduce the fuel consumption of the car that will pull it. In addition, the possibility of towing the CR-1 by the car is much smaller than in the case of a "normal" trailer of similar length.

Let us emphasize that the individual elements of the trailer do not have any screws or fasteners . The whole trailer is in the form of a rigid shell, and this should affect its tightness, resistance to moisture, and stability.

Standard luxury

With these revelations, the information that all on-board devices can be controlled using a tablet or smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows) does not seem so revolutionary anymore.

In the caravan, we can find everything we can dream of - a 700-watt solar panel system , large wardrobes, a large bathroom and a shower cubicle, and even windows with adjustable dimming levels.

There is no point in writing about such obvious things as a huge fridge, microwave and a huge TV set hanging on the wall - it is obvious that they are there. The equipment also includes a washing machine, dryer , satellite dish and Wi-Fi router. The trailer has run-flat tires that enable emergency driving on punctured tires.

The caravan provides accommodation for a maximum of 6 people . There are 8 seats.

The price is also interesting. The trailer is to cost a considerable sum of 770,000 dollars ! So if you want to spend the equivalent of about PLN 2.3 million on a vehicle built according to space technology, the CR-1 Carbon was created just for you!

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