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If a motorhome must cost you a lot of money anyway, let it be at least the vehicle you really dream about - this is how the philosophy of the British company SC Sporthomes, offering luxury touring cars, can be summed up.

SC Motorhomes has four models in its basic offer. Two of them are based on the Mercedes Sprinter (you can also choose Volkswagen Crafter or Iveco Daily ). But if that's not enough for you, you can opt for one of the two more motorhomes based on the Mercedes Atego .

Little rich man

The basic model is the SC Leisure Tourer - dedicated to those who do not need a large garage in their car. There is, however, a large dining room that can be converted into a double bed at night. But the same is also proposed by other companies!

The difference is in the equipment. In the motorhome you will find double-glazed windows and roller blinds, walls and ceiling covered with vinyl foam resembling quilted leather , and the tops and cabinet fronts look as if they were made of marble .

The car also has a full-size gas cooker with an oven and a unique number of device control panels (we counted six!). There is also a modest 60-liter fridge on board. The water and sewage tanks have a capacity of 70 liters .

There was also a 15-inch TV with a satellite dish and DVD, chrome LED lamps and Truma heating. The standard is of course also a bathroom with a shower.

An expedition without compromise

At the other end of the offer we find the SC World Cruiser model, so - as the name suggests - the perfect vehicle to explore the world. The manufacturer claims that this is the pinnacle of luxury. On board this car, the dining room and the kitchen blend smoothly together, and the bedroom is located ... above the bathroom .

The motorhome is equipped with - attention! - rainwater recycling and water filtration system , large water tanks (300 liters) and high-power solar panels.

The car can travel (and stay overnight), depending on the interior layout, from 2 to 6 people. The smallest World Cruiser has a gross vehicle weight of 7.5 tonnes . The vehicle can also be available with a sliding side wall .

The SC Sport Cruiser model differs from the World Cruiser mainly in that it also has a large garage that can easily accommodate, for example, two motorbikes.

Interestingly, in this model the bathroom (with a separate shower cubicle) is located on the same level as the kitchen and dining room, but the bedroom is entered through the bathroom , via stairs. There is also a garage door in the bathroom.

It is also interesting that the gas cooker was placed on the opposite side of the sink. In another variant, the kitchen and the sink are next to each other, but in front of it there is another tiny room with a table and two armchairs in between. There is also a lot of space in the dining room, which can easily accommodate 7 people .

Yes, there is a lot of space in this car.

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